Boyz II Men gives the Chili’s jingle a new harmony, interview

Boyz II Men give the Chili's jingle an update, photo provided by Chili's
Boyz II Men give the Chili's jingle an update, photo provided by Chili's /

Certain songs instantly create a reaction. Whether it is the first dance with a special someone or the jingle associated with favorite food, people hear a note or two and the response is immediate. Whether it is the baritone sound or the utterance of baby, the Chili’s jingle is one of those moments. Now, Boyz II Men are bringing those baby ribs back in a whole new way.

Whether it was an urban legend or coincidence, those smooth sounds had some people thinking that Boyz II Men were the voices behind the notes that made people’s mouths water. Now the iconic group is actually putting their talents behind the infamous jingle.

Check out the Boyz II Men Chili’s jingle for Chili’s.

Whether it is the song or the taste, many people cannot get enough of those infamous baby back ribs. While the Chili’s margarita might be iconic, some people choose their food before picking out the refreshment. With those infamous ribs, people cannot get enough. Even if the sauce could precariously fall on a shirt, that flavor is worth the effort.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Boyz II Men about their collaboration with Chili’s. As fans of the restaurant brand, the gentleman offered some melodic insight into the partnership.

Whether or not the group breaks out into song every time they sit down at Chili’s remains to be seen. But, as many people can attest, a great meal can have everyone offering an enthusiastic response.

As Boyz II Men said, “Being in a Chili’s, it’s not hard to break into song as you saw in our video! But honestly, the sounds and smells in Chili’s will make you crave just about anything. We know the ribs are a total fan favorite, but we also love the chips and salsa. Plus, who can forget about the chicken fajitas, which are personal favorites.”

Given all those tasty choices, a great beverage can make the moment even more enjoyable. For Boyz II Men, they are a few preferred pairings. They said, “In terms of pairings, we love a good margarita – the Presidente Margarita or the Casamigos ‘Rita are go-tos. Of course, the sides of white cheddar mac & cheese and fries could not be more perfect to round out any Chili’s meal.”

Whether that cocktail loosens people up move, grove, or belt out a tune, the remake of the Chili’s jingle has many people smiling. When asked about this collaboration, Boyz II Men said, “Our version of the Chili’s Baby Back Ribs Jingle is definitely a harmonic expression. When you hear it, the harmonies are pretty tight, and the inflections embody true soul and vocal acrobatics that weren’t in the original jingle. That said, we did want to maintain the integrity of the original version by keeping a similar melody, but putting our own spin on it to make it uniquely ours. When you hear our version, you’ll instantly know it’s Boyz II Men.”

This Boyz II Men version seems to capture the 90s feel that is having a moment throughout pop culture. The group commented, “The music of the ‘90s is just filled with great songs, amazing songwriters and unforgettable melodies that have lasted from generation to generation. We grew up with Motown melodies that influenced our work, and we listened to a lot of ‘70s music, which allowed us to find our sound and create the hits songs we did. There are certain eras where music is great, but we know that the ‘90s are at the top of the list.”

Given that the group has had such longevity, the group has seen trends come and go. Through it all, their focus has been clear.

Boyz II Men said, “It’s all about how music is presented now. There are certain elements of songwriting and singing that never need to change. What’s being placed on top of that solid foundation is what makes it modern and finding that crossover between old and new is what we are striving to do. We haven’t recorded collectively in a few years and that’s been intentional, we want to celebrate what people know us for and not convert to something we aren’t. It’s a healthy approach because we are able to embrace the nuisances of today’s musical landscape while still maintaining true to ourselves and our own sound.”

While everyone will be humming this version of the Chili’s jingle, the favorite group has many more items on the horizon.

“Where do we begin? A lot of exciting things have come our way. There are things that come up on the schedule and we say, “Oh, really? OK!” We try to stay open minded and give ourselves space and grace to try things that may not at first glance seem like our type of thing. Right now, we are performing artists. We’ll record again in the future, but our main goal is to stay in front of people, that is who we are. We perform every show whether its 500 or 15,000 with the same emotion and intention. We leave everything on the stage, that’s what we’ve been doing since the beginning of our career — we will never digress in that.”

“There is a Biopic in the future, which we’re excited about because a lot of people don’t know our history. More information to come on that, but we hope people will be excited to see it. It’s important for us to get our story out there, jump on the road ,and maybe even create another album for the biopic. You never know, and as always, you can check out our tour schedule at

Whether it is a taste that never goes out of style, rediscovering an icon, or just the love of food and harmony, the Chili’s jingle and Boyz II Men are ending the year on a high note.

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