Fast food and wine pairings that turn the meal into an eating experience

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Enjoying a great glass of wine is not limited to a white tablecloth dining experience. With a little help from Barefoot Wine Winemaker Jen Wall, fast food and wine pairings have people rethinking their beverage choice with that takeout meal.

Pairing food and beverages can create spirited conversation. While one soda brand believes that it makes everything taste better, some people might prefer a libation in that glass. Even if that ice cold lager can be refreshing, a glass of wine brings some variety to the conversation.

Although many people can have detailed discussions on terroir’s influence on flavor, best vintages, and other elevated characteristics, many people just want to enjoy a glass of wine. Sometimes it can be just as simple as pour, drink, and enjoy without all the complications.

Barefoot Wine has long celebrated the simple enjoyment of wine. From the person who never deviated from that bottle of merlot to the person who wants to experiment with different options, the approachable wine is waiting to be poured. More importantly, that wine bottle does not have to be uncorked with all the extra baggage.

Ready to try some fast food and wine pairings?

Recently, Barefoot Wine Winemaker Jen Wall shared some suggestions on pairing fast food and wine. Although these ideas are her opinions, they can be a conversation starter.

It is important to remember that people should sip on what they like. The old school rules of white with fish and red with meat are off the table.

Chardonnay and chicken burrito

A great burrito has a contrast of roasted chicken and zesty, spicy salsa and guacamole. By serving it with chardonnay, the acidity cuts through some of the richness and the creaminess mimics components of the dish. It is a lovely complement to the flavors,

Cabernet Sauvignon and a burger

Whether it is a double double or another popular burger, the dark berry fruits in the cabernet sauvignon holds up to the hearty burger bite. In some ways, this pairing is a good reminder that umami rich foods need big bold, even a touch earthy, flavors to stand up to them. A cabernet sauvignon can do that.

Pink Moscato and a spicy chicken sandwich

Sometimes a little spice can bring colors to the cheeks. With this fast food and wine pairing, the sweetness in the pink Moscato helps douse the flavor flames in the chicken sandwich. That contrast of sweet and heat will have everyone going back for another bite and sip.

Bubbly Brut Cuvee and French Toast sticks

Some people might grab those French Toast sticks because they remind them of childhood, but it does not have to be a breakfast for kids. Turn that order into a brunch moment with the Bubbly Brut Cuvee. Whether drunk on its own or transformed into a Bubbly Brut Cuvee Tropicana Mimosa, the effervescent pairing will have everyone feeling delightful.

Sauvignon Blanc and loaded fries

While some people are obsessed with Animal-Style French Fries, the reality is that rich, indulge forkful needs a vibrant wine pairing to highlight sometimes an under-noticed component of the dish. With the Sauvignon Blanc, the bright, fresh wine helps to cut through the richness of the dish. Plus, the wine’s green notes make sure that the relish pops.

Pinot Grigio and grilled chicken sandwich

A grilled chicken sandwich might be simple, but it does not have to be boring. Since this Pinot Grigio has a lovely lemony finish, it is that punch of acid that uplifts the chicken sandwich. Sometime that little citrusy note is just want people wany.

Ready to try some fast food and wine pairings? Place an order, open a bottle, and enjoy a meal. Life is too short not to have some fun with food.

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