Jess Sims serves some flavorful, balanced advice for fueling up with Quaker

Jess Sims for Quaker Oats, photo provided by Quaker Oats
Jess Sims for Quaker Oats, photo provided by Quaker Oats /

While she has encouraged many people to get that glazed donut look while completing that Peloton workout, Jess Sims understands that a well-balanced lifestyle includes a discussion about the before, during, and after all those activities. Given her busy schedule between the studio, ESPN College Game Day, and various other parts of her life, Sims appreciates that flavorful, versatile food choices are key. As seen with her current partnership with Quaker Oats, that favorite brand is always within reach, and it fuels all her endeavors.

From busy schedules to having the energy to complete those workouts, Jess Sims appreciates that balanced food choices are imperative. It does not mean that every day is perfection. As it is said on the tread time and again, it is about practicing for progress.

During recent conversation with FoodSided, Sims comments, “I don’t believe in restriction. Everything is a little bit about balance. Having whole foods without artificial flavors and colorings is important, which is one of the reasons why the Quaker Oats Fruit Fusions are a great choice.”

Sims continued to share, “I grew up on Quaker Oats Maple and Brown Sugar, that was my favorite flavor. My brother used to always eat the apple and cinnamon. We got the variety box because he would stay in his lane and I would stay in mine. Now, with the Fruit Fusion, I love the fruit, the actual chunks of fruit in the oatmeal.”

“My favorite is the Raspberry. There are added vitamins and minerals. I choose the flavor based on my mood or what I need. I really do love them all.”

Jess Simms for Quaker
Jess Sims for Quaker Oats, photo provided by Quaker Oats /

While that Quaker food offering is bursting with flavor, Sims recommended some pairings to round out the meal. She said, “my favorite way to have it is to pair it with a heavier protein, like a hard boiled egg. It is not too heavy, but is hardy and it makes you feel fueled.”

Sims continued, “I love having my carbs early on in the day to sustain my energy. At night, I like to have something light. We get our main energy source from the carbohydrates and I love starting my day off with oats as part of my breakfast.”

While Sims has found ways to utilize her food choices to stay fueled, she understands that every choice has an impact. Before people welcomed her familiar face to their Peloton screen, Jess Sims worked as a teacher and school principal. She has often referenced moments where she could influence young lives in a positive way. Now, she is combining part of that concept into her partnership with Quaker.

Sims commented, “every single decision of my life, specifically professionally, but even personally, starts with a question, what kind of an impact am I having on this planet and specifically with people. I am a servant, leader; I like to teach people to believe in themselves and to lead healthier, happier lives. When I think about partnering with a brand, I like to understand how we are giving back to impact his world. With Quaker partnership, their donation to GENYOUth perfectly aligned with what I want to do and what I have been doing.”

As Quaker takes its PreGrain Tour on the road, the event is more than just an opportunity to enjoy the specialty recipes, fan interaction, and good times. It serves as a reminder to pay it forward. The food might be the foundation to energize the situation, but it is a conscious choice to make a difference every day. Giving that power to the next generation by supporting organizations like GENYOUth can make tomorrow and the next day even more fulfilling.

Jess Sims is ready to take another step to progress to a positive tomorrow. Quaker is ready to fuel those decisions. Ready to join that flavorful future?

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