Lipton brined turkey avoids the dreaded dried bird catastrophe

Adam Thielen promotes Lipton Brined Turkey recipe for the holidays, photo provided by Lipton
Adam Thielen promotes Lipton Brined Turkey recipe for the holidays, photo provided by Lipton /

People might laugh at the movie moment where the juicy bird deflates into a dried, disastrous mess of nothingness. Unfortunately, that cooking disaster can happen. With a Lipton brined turkey, a juicy, delectable bird can arrive on the holiday table and cooks can avoid that dry turkey.

Even though the side dishes might be the predominate food on the plate, the turkey is often the star of the table. From the golden skin to the enticing aroma, everyone cannot wait to carve into that celebration centerpiece.

The heightened expectations can quickly go sideways. Instead of a juicy, succulent slice hitting the plate, the opposite occurs. That time to phone a friend should have come more than 24 hours earlier. Luckily, Lipton is coming to the rescue.

Many cooks are familiar with the concept of brining a turkey. The idea is to submerge the uncooked turkey into a solution of salt, sugar, and other spices. As the turkey sits in the solution, it not only absorbs flavor but also it increases its moisture content. The idea is that as the bird cooks, the extra moisture will ensure that the final result is juicy.

With a Lipton brined turkey, the Lipton tea adds another level of flavor. As Gibran Salazar, CRC and PepsiCo’s Corporate Executive Research Chef for Global Beverages said, “A traditional brine combines water and salt, some sugar, and aromatics to help punch up the flavor. For a time-saving hack, use your favorite flavor of Lipton Iced Tea (we recommend Black Iced Tea Lemon or Lipton Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade for the citric acid) and mix with a generous sprinkle of salt. Let your bird soak in the brine, prepare as directed, and feast on a mouth-wateringly juicy, rich and robust turkey. Our Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine helps add incredible complexity that will delight the dinner table.”

Check out this visual for the Lipton brined turkey recipe.

Lipton brined turkey recipe
Lipton brined turkey recipe, photo provided by Lipton /

One person who is taking this Lipton brined turkey recipe to heart is Adam Thielen. Some people might remember when the NFL Wide Receiver spit out a terrible, dry bird. Luckily this year, Lipton is coming to the rescue.

As Thielen said, “Last year I got caught spitting out my turkey on Thanksgiving Day. This year, I’m on a mission to tackle dry turkeys by partnering with Lipton Iced Tea, which is not only my favorite iced tea, but now my favorite turkey brine! The Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine guarantees you’ll serve up a super juicy, flavorful turkey so instead of worrying about a dry bird, you and your family can focus on the important things this Thanksgiving: football.”

Thinking about this flavor combination, it could be the easiest way to pair food and beverages. Many cooks appreciate the wine concept that you use what you drink. The same idea can apply to this Lipton brined turkey. Why not serve some tea with the food feast. It could keep everything a little more even keel for the dining experience.

This year, banish the dry turkey for one that is juicy, flavorful, and succulent. The Lipton brined turkey is that option. Ready to bring a little sunshine to the plate?

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