Universal Orlando holiday celebration brings a little nuttiness and a lot of holiday cheer

Earl the Squirrel at Universal Orlando Holiday celebration, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Earl the Squirrel at Universal Orlando Holiday celebration, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While classic holiday tales can have people’s hearts growing a little larger, new seasonal traditions can bring extra merriment to the occasion. With this year’s Universal Orlando holiday celebration, the nuttiness and the sentimentality blend together to create an all-ages experience that delights everyone.

Over the years, Universal Orlando has embraced the mischief in the merry. Whether it is those Minions who are willing to push the envelope with their pranks or The Grinch with his snarky comments, the holidays are meant to be fun. While the lights twinkle brightly and the carols play in the background, embracing the fun in the moment is paramount. Sometimes it is better to be in the moment, than see it through a screen.

The sights capture that sense of wonder even before their passing under the infamous arches. With the world’s largest wreath adorning the entrance, guests understand that the day is going to be bigger and bolder than ever.

Throughout both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, the holiday decorations are on display. From endless garlands to the gigantic Christmas tree, there are plenty of places to capture the perfect holiday photo.

Traditional favorite events are back. From Grinchmas with its telling of the iconic tale to the Macy’s Balloons during the nightly parade, people will get their full of their favorites. Even the nighttime holiday spectacular is back in the Wizarding World.

While the various Orlando theme parks have their own takes on holiday events, the Universal Orlando holiday celebration has a wide reaching appeal. Whether people make a point to watch Mannheim Steamroller concerts that are held for two weekends in December or the sparkling nighttime décor in Seussland that brings the classic tale to life, guests appreciate the blend of traditional and contemporary.

Although the temperatures might not allow real snow to fall as Santa lights the tree every night, the Hot Butterbeer still tastes sweet and the warm nuts satisfy. Sometimes it is the willingness to allow the mind to feel those sentiments that is transformation.

Most importantly, the Universal Orlando holiday celebration embraces the fun of the season. Given that the theme park has its unique holiday character, Earl the Squirrel, that nod to the nuttiness is clear.

Whether or not guests can spot Earl on their first pass in front of the Christmas tree remains to be seen. Luckily, the fuzzy creature is everywhere. From merchandise to character appearances, there is no shortage of Earl this holiday season.

For anyone who is ready to celebrate the merry and the mischief, put the Universal Orlando holiday celebration on the calendar. The day will have your heart soaring with all the cheerfulness.

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