Lodestar Whiskey forges a path to appeal to an inclusive audience

Lodestar Whiskey founders Anna Axster and Wendelin Von Schroder, photo provided by Lodestar Whiskey
Lodestar Whiskey founders Anna Axster and Wendelin Von Schroder, photo provided by Lodestar Whiskey /

From legendary distillers to creative innovators, the whiskey market celebrates its diversity. While some people might never stray from their signature spirit, others are still searching for a brand that captivates their interest in a warm, welcoming fashion. With Lodestar Whiskey, the offering from Anna Axster and Wendelin Von Schroder sets a path that has many people interested in this journey.

Trends within the liquor industry continually evolve. One moment sherry casts hold treasured distillations till that spirit has been infused with that nuanced flavor. In turn, bold spices and familiar flavors can take over other releases. Still, at the heart of any memorable pour is the craft and dedication that the founders put into the initial offering.

As a new entrant into the whiskey market, Lodestar Whiskey looks to welcome a new conversation around the golden amber liquor. While Axster and Von Schroder have had success in their other ventures, this concept was driven from their desire to create a sense of community around enjoying a drink and some spirited conversation.

Lodestar Whiskey founders Anna Axster and Wendelin Von Schroder
Lodestar Whiskey founders Anna Axster and Wendelin Von Schroder, photo provided by Lodestar Whiskey /

During recent conversation with the pair, they commented on one of the driving concepts behind Lodestar Whiskey. They mentioned that they wanted to create, “a sense of community bringing people together around a shared cultural experience, which is something we created in music and film. We want to bring that sense of community to this offering.”

While the concept is community driven, there is a specific desire to celebrate the female audience. From the moment the bottle is placed on the table to after the final sip is enjoyed, Lodestar Whiskey wants to set its own path.

As the pair explained, Lodestar is more than the dictionary definition that is listed on the label. For them, “it is a person or a principle that you navigate by.” Add to that aspect the mention of 1837, the year that feminism was coined, “it represents what that term means to us.” While there are Easter eggs on the bottle, it is more than just carefully chosen imagery. It was a desire to create a total experience from start to finish.

Lodestar Whiskey is a combination of a Straight High Rye and an American Single Malt Whiskey. The resulting blend is smooth, approachable, and equally enjoyable neat as well as in a cocktail. That versatility was key for the pair.

From that spirited night with friends or the quiet evening listening to music, the glass can be full of options. It was not necessarily the desire to highlight certain flavor profiles or boosting particular notes in the blend. It was about setting an overall tone, concept, invitation that allows this whiskey to be whatever the drinker wants it to be.

As Lodestar Whiskey finds its audience, the underlying flavors of warm baking notes, the rye spice, and a slight brightness of the lemon allows it to easily transform itself to a variety of cocktails. From a tea inspired option to simply a little lemon, seltzer, and a fresh fruit garnish, there are almost limitless possibilities. It can even stand up to a spicy mango flavor infusion.

Although the brand has a limited launch window, it hopes that a strong start will allow a more robust expansion over time. From prime placement in a favorite watering hole to the familiar bottle that always brings a smile when poured at home, the reality is that Lodestar Whiskey is pointing in the right direction of a modern liquor offering. Now people just need to enjoy that first taste and it will not be their last.

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