Did the Pie in the Sky score you free Pizza Hut Pizza?

Free Pizza Hut Pizza promotion in Las Vegas, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Free Pizza Hut Pizza promotion in Las Vegas, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

The idea of free Pizza Hut Pizza can be the best surprise during this daunting holiday week. From long travel lines to dealing with family chaos, those gratitude sentiments might be few and far between. For those within gazing distance of the Las Vegas Sphere, a free food promotion was a sight to behold.

The Las Vegas Sphere is a huge talking point. As seen during the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the visuals made for a perfect backdrop. That evolving imagery emerging from the vibrant landscape captures everyone’s attention.

On November 21, the free Pizza Hut Pizza promotion could be seen from far and wide. From 5:30-9:30p.m. PST on Tuesday, November 21 that special promo illuminated the space. It might not necessarily be an image from a childhood tale, but a giant pizza in the sky has people talking.

The special Pizza Hut Pizza deal was a code to receive a free medium pizza or other crave-worthy item from the new $7 Deal Lover’s Menu. Sure, a $7 menu item may not necessarily break the bank, but it is nice to get free food every once and a while.

The launch of the $7 Deal Lover’s Menu has been met with much buzz. Given that people are looking to save a few extra dollars, especially around the holidays, people are excited about the option. Whether people choose pizza related items, chicken wings, or some of those new cheese sticks does not matter. With the reduced price, many people will order several of the food menu items to create a huge feast.

Could this idea be the first of many promotions around the Las Vegas Sphere for Pizza Hut? Only time will tell. If the promotion got people to order, it seems that the location could have more advertising options in the future.

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