Julie Bowen and Life Cereal serve some parenting tips one bowl at a time, interview

Julie Bowen for Life Cereal, photo provided by Life Cereal
Julie Bowen for Life Cereal, photo provided by Life Cereal /

From getting everyone out the door on a busy morning to just tackling the daily to-do list, life is not always smooth sailing. While the ups and downs can be expected, understanding that parents are not alone on that journey is important to making some of those moments feel less overwhelming. Julie Bowen joined with Life Cereal to give parents a little boost when it comes to life’s unexpected moments.

Recently, Bowen and Life Cereal launched a program where it focused on best “if you know, you know” advice.” From simple ideas that can make life easier to stories that make everyone laugh, people need these moments. Unlike social media or a movie story leads people to believe, life is not perfect. Occasionally, it is just finding the path of least resistance.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Julie Bowen as part of this Life Cereal campaign. Like many other parents, Bowen has some approachable, doable parenting hacks that have made her routine a little easier.

When asked about her morning routine, Bowen shared, “I do have a specific morning routine and I’ve back time everything. It’s probably because I’m an actor and we back time scenes. So you start with when you’re leaving the house and you work backwards. If you leave the gouse at 8:15 every day, that means if your kids are not getting out of bed until 7:59 or sometimes 8, you have to do everything the night before. Don’t rely on the mornings to be to bail you out. That’s not the time to make lunch. It’s not the time to make sure they’ve got their uniforms all set. Do all that stuff the night before. So, in the morning, it’s just about getting some food in them. Obviously, Life Cereals are a great choice with protein, whole grains, fruit, anything that gets them out the door quickly and keeps them feeling good. My big parenting hack is to start the night before.”

Julie Bowen for Life Cereal
Julie Bowen for Life Cereal, photo provided by Life Cereal /

While the back time and starting the night before works for Bowen, she understands that finding that community support can be helpful. Whether it is neighbors, social media friends, or even calling the Life Cereals hotline, there are people out there who can commiserate with you and emphathize with the situation. Sometimes that little bit of help can and does make a difference.

As Bowen admitted, “everyone needs to help each other out because no one is having a perfect day.” That ability to appreciate that perfection is not the goal is vital for any and every situation. Sometimes it is about embracing the moment that is presented.

According to Bowen, “embracing the moment is one of the toughest ones, especially for me like. I will plan Sunday night dinner. We always have dinner together on Sunday nights, but there are moments when it does not happen. While I want to get frustrated, I try to take a step back and remember that the goal was to make them independent, healthy, and strong. That’s what they are and it can help to stop the micromanaging how everything looks.”

Whether it is a bowl of cereal that makes the morning routine simplified, a moment relating to a fellow parent who appreciates the daily struggle, or giving yourself a little grace, parenting tips come in all shapes and forms. As long as people find a way to smile, enjoy some togetherness, and make it through the day, it can be considered a win for everyone involved.

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