Kraft NotMac and Cheese is a plant-based comfort food people want

Kraft NotMac and Cheese joins the plant-based food line, photo provided by Kraft
Kraft NotMac and Cheese joins the plant-based food line, photo provided by Kraft /

While that iconic blue box will always be on the store shelf, some consumers want more plant-based food options. Joining the Kraft NotCo brand, the Kraft NotMac and Cheese brings all the creamy, satisfying flavor just with a plant-based swap.

The demand for plant-based food options continues to grow. Whether the choice is a complete lifestyle adaptation or just a desire to incorporate a few foods into the meal planning, people want familiar brands that they trust. Especially for the individual who might take that first foray into the plant-based world, they may gravitate towards the brand that has always been in the pantry.

According to Kraft, the plant-based mac and cheese market is growing greatly. While there might be more options on the shelf, some consumers are not satisfied with those purchases. Repeat buys are not as high as brands expect. It seems that consumers are still searching for the eating satisfaction that they crave with the classic comfort food. Kraft NotMac and Cheese wants to become that repeat purchase.

As Lucho Lopez-May, CEO, The Kraft Heinz Not Company shared, “The Kraft Heinz Not Company creates plant-based versions of fan-favorite foods that taste like the real thing, yet don’t require people to drastically change their eating habits. NotCo brings its revolutionary AI technology that has a proven track record in creating mouthwatering plant-based foods to KRAFT – the beloved mac & cheese brand that sells over a million boxes every day. Leveraging the strengths of both companies, we’re offering the creamy and comforting experience KRAFT Mac & Cheese fans have loved for over 85 years – without the dairy.”

Kraft NotMac and Cheese plant-based comfort food
Kraft NotMac and Cheese joins the plant-based food line, photo provided by Kraft /

The Kraft NotMac and Cheese will be available in both Original and White Cheddar flavors. As the food product rolls out now through early 2024, consumer feedback will be the real test. If the brand can achieve the repeat customer goal, it could be the winner in the market.

The key to this plant-based option becoming successful is two-fold. First, the cooking ease needs to mimic the original blue box. That concept is one of the reasons why Kraft is a favorite. Everyone knows that within minutes, a tasty meal can be on the table.

Mostly importantly, the flavor needs to deliver what people expect. There needs to be a creaminess to the sauce. As long as it captures that warm, cozy feeling without people thinking that they are missing or substituting something, it will be a win for the food brand.

The Kraft NotMac and Cheese is another offering in the NotCo line. Currently, Kraft offerings NotMayo and Kraft NotCheese Slices. What will be next for the food brand? 2024 might be the year of the “Not.”

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