Martha Stewart shakes up the official Dunkintini recipe for the holidays

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When Martha pours, people take a sip. While the queen of good things has shared many spirited tips over the years, the official Dunkintini recipe is a gift that everyone wants to unwrap. With a new Dunkin’ Holiday Martini Shaker and Martini Glasses waiting to be used, everyone will be happy to sip on this spirited cocktail.

The espresso martini trend is not going away anytime soon. Whether it is the first cocktail of the night or the nightcap to sweet dreams, everyone is sipping on that coffee cocktail.

From slightly sweeter options to the classic variety, there are plenty of ways to shake up that spirited sipper. While the swaps are many, one key ingredient that is vital to any version is a great coffee. For anyone who runs to Dunkin, using the brand’s espresso is a familiar flavor that makes cocktail even better.

To help launch the new Dunkin Holiday Martini Shaker and Martini Glasses, Martha Stewart is sharing how to make the official Dunkintini recipe. The holiday party just got a good upgrade.

Here’s the official Dunkintini recipe


  • 1 shot Dunkin’ Espresso
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 1 ounce coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua


  • Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and pour into a sugar-rimmed martini glass.

As seen by Martha’s demo, the cocktail is simple. While some people might shake a little more vigorously, it is the Dunkin espresso that makes the flavor pop. If vodka is not the preferred spirit, it can be swapped for another option.

With the new Dunkin Holiday Martini Shaker and Martini Glasses, the vibrant colors and design brings a little extra to cocktail hour. For anyone who loves Dunkin and a great cocktail, these items will make a great holiday gift. The Dunkin’ Holiday Martini Shaker retails for $25 and Martini Glasses sell for $20. They will be available for sale on

When Martha shakes, people pour. But, this Dunkin cocktail is not the first time the iconic brand stepped up to the bar. Recently, it partnered with a New York City icon, Ray’s, to serve some Dunkin-inspired cocktails. Although that run was short, some people might have been inspired to take the ideas and make a version at home.

Although the Dunkin espresso may not be served in that large format box, people can buy some for a party. Or, the Dunkin’ Espresso-Style extra dark roast coffee has a bold flavor that works well in a cocktail. There are even K-Cup versions of the Espresso-Style extra dark roast.

Get spirited with a good thing this holiday season. Martha Stewart is shaking up the official Dunkintini recipe. Are you?

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