Miami Art Week 2023 events put flavor on display

(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Re:Wild)
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Re:Wild) /

While walls showcased stunning visual displays, Miami Art Week 2023 is more than just a huge gathering of art, artists, and a few celebrities. From daybreak to the wee hours of the morning, food and beverage events filled the hours. When food and art collide, the moment becomes even more satisfying.

From Art Miami to the sands of Miami Beach, the bright days and festive nights were full of events. The creativity was not limited to just the gallery spaces.

Still, many pieces displayed at Art Miami showed the inspiration that food offers. Andy Warhol might have borrowed that Campbell’s soup can, but it is not the only image that turns well-known food imagery into something more. From a dozen doughnuts with Homer Simpson to the bottles of sparkling wine being poured as people strolled the galleries, the intersection of food and art was apparent.

Many food and beverage brands highlighted the culinary arts. Both new brands and established favorites poured a spirited conversation throughout the annual event. As bottles popped and libations poured into the wee hours of the night, everyone toasted to the good life.

On December 7, BuDhaGirl Sparkling debuted at Art of the Party. Held at Fountainbleau in Miami, the launch event welcomed 1,200 guests to sip and savor the effervescent beverage. Jessica Jesse, Founder and CEO of BuDhaGirl commented, “Art Basel is a vibrant gathering of global cultures and perspectives, uniting a diverse array of people from every corner of the world. BuDhaGirl Sparkling symbolizes the ritual of celebration. What better place to uncork our inaugural bottle of BuDhaGirl Sparkling, marking an evening of collective effervescence and shared delight.”

While the jewelry brand brings vibrancy and approachability to fashion, popping the cork in celebration is a great example of how the food, beverages, and art come together for this annual event. Many celebrity chefs leant their talents to the food offerings at the event lounges, dinners, and other special gatherings throughout the festivities.

Sushi | Bar Miami Beach collaborated with Miami-based abstract painter and mixed media artist Sara Schroeder. The omakase is a culinary art, the interpretative application of dessert into a visual piece fostered a conversation that continued long after the last plate was cleared. Some lucky guests might continue to feast on the special artwork and dream of those elegant flavors.

Culinary creativity took centerstage at the Hexclad event. While Gordon Ramsay might not have been throwing his fiery barbs from the pass, the celebration of women in the art was a highlight. Maybe a few people will even be more willing to put one of those pans on the stove and showcase their own culinary creativity.

From Cote Miami to even Shake Shack, the idea of food and art was served and received with enthusiasm. As this year’s event comes to a close, the celebration flavors people’s memories and hopefully inspires them to embrace a world full of wonder, imagination and deliciousness wherever it might be found.

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