Eddie Jackson shares his favorite Christmas Cookie Challenge theme

Host Eddie Jackson, portrait for the puppet show challenge, as seen on Christmas Cookie Challenge, Season 7.
Host Eddie Jackson, portrait for the puppet show challenge, as seen on Christmas Cookie Challenge, Season 7. /

While home bakers might have holiday cookie traditions, Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge pushes bakers’ sweet creativity in each challenge. One of the show’s hosts, Eddie Jackson has learned a lot from his time on the baking competition. As he takes a look back, Jackson revealed some of his lessons learned and his favorite Christmas Cookie Challenge theme.

Anyone who has watched this Food Network show appreciates that each Christmas Cookie Challenge theme seems more intricate than the previous episode. As the bakers are pushed to the limit with their creativity, they must also execute each dessert with impeccable flavor.

For at home viewers, there are a few tips and tricks that can be learned along the way. As Eddie Jackson and his co-host Ree Drummond offer their insight, they also share their wonder and amazement at the delectable displays.

Jackson has brought his talents to many Food Network shows. After winning Food Network Star, the talented chef and personality has brought an approachability to his culinary offerings. While he is never afraid to push people to be active, he understands that some sweet indulgences cannot be left off the table.

Eddie Jackson reveals his favorite Christmas Cookie Challenge theme on Food Network
Host Eddie Jackson, portrait for the puppet show challenge, as seen on Christmas Cookie Challenge, Season 7. /

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Eddie Jackson about the current season of Christmas Cookie Challenge. For Food Network fans who have not watched the show, they might want to catch up on all the episodes before their start baking their holiday treats.

Cristine Struble/Foodsided: Every year, the bakers seem to be even more creative when it comes to their cookie creations. Do you think that there is any limit to their baking feats?

Eddie Jackson: Every season I’m blown away by the talent these cookie makers have. From what I’ve seen, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

CS: This season brings back former bakers. Do you think that this aspect will make the season even bigger, better than ever? What was your favorite challenge from this season?

EJ: I was excited to see some of the former bakers come back and compete. Redemption stories are always a big hit. Some of these bakers were good enough to win it all. My favorite episode from this season was having all the gingerbread artists compete against each other.

CS: Looking back, do you have a favorite challenge? Have you ever tried to recreate one of these themes for your own holiday celebration?

EJ: This season we did a Christmas vehicle challenge. The cookie makers had to build a Christmas-themed vehicle out of cookies. We got some pretty creative vehicles. That’s probably my favorite challenge.

CS: What baking lessons have you learned from the contestants? Have they made you a better cookie baker?

EJ: I’ve learned so many new cookie flavors that I came to absolutely love. My favorite was from a couple seasons ago, Butterscotch. My new favorite cookie flavor!

CS: What’s your favorite beverage to enjoy with cookies? Do you bite into a cookie or break it into pieces as you eat it? Do you dunk that cookie into milk, coffee, etc?

EJ: I’m a dunker. I have to have a glass of milk with my cookies. I prefer a soft cookie so I can just bite right into it.

CS: Have you ever passed off store bought cookies as your own? Is there an occasion when it is ok to buy versus bake?

EJ: Fresh baked is always best. However, there are some great bakeries that would definitely pass off as my own like Levains in New York City.

Christmas Cookie Challenge airs on Food Network and can be streamed on MAX. New episodes air Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET.

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