Courtney Storer, The Bear’s culinary producer, reveals her kitchen helper, interview

Echo Show with Alexa seen in a kitchen, photo provided by Amazon
Echo Show with Alexa seen in a kitchen, photo provided by Amazon /

Although cooking in the home kitchen might not require a “yes chef” response, a few tips and tricks from the culinary professionals can give any cook more confidence. During a recent conversation with Courtney Storer, The Bear’s culinary producer and chef/owner of Coco’s to Go-go, she shared a kitchen helper that anyone and everyone can use.

While the highly popular The Bear might have sparked a hunger for Italian Beef, Courtney Storer has appreciated the iconic Chicago favorite food and many other classic Italian dishes since she was young. Having spent many years in and around professional kitchens, chef life has influenced her approach to cooking.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Courtney Storer and asked about her ultimate kitchen helper. While she has a wide array of tools and gadgets at her fingertips, it was her Amazon Echo Show 15 that has served as a great resource in the kitchen.

As Storer shared, “I have my sous chef with Alexa. I can pull up an Italian beef recipe, roast recipe, and more. There is so much available at our fingertips. I like seeing what other people are doing and I can bring a spin to the beautiful things that people are doing.” Traditional, modern, or a combination, having that resource in the kitchen is helpful for any level cook.

Given her role on The Bear’s production team, Storer had plenty of opportunities to find the balance between the familiar and the innovative. Adding that personal element or individuality that makes a dish special is an idea that Storer thinks is important.

Storer recalled how it was hard for her when she was coming up as a chef. She mentioned that she was trying to be super original, but finding a new idea in a sea of originators is not an easy path to swim. Instead, she took a step back and focused on what will never change.

She mentioned, “sometimes people get in their heads trying to be only original and forget that it is more technique that drives flavor. The originality comes with practice and development.”

Using a tool like the Echo Show can be a way for any and every cook to learn in the kitchen. Storer believes “a really great way for cooks to get better is to learn from their mistakes. I started to archive those mistakes.” Balanced that idea with all the information available, the errors lessen, and better execution become the norm.

While information is key to building confidence, the Echo Show is more than just a stagnant resource. Storer mentioned that she plans on her device. One key to any successful cook is a strategy.

Courtney Storer uses the Echo Show with Alexa
Echo Show with Alexa seen in a kitchen, photo provided by Amazon /

“A strategy will help you manage your task list.” From a shopping list for all the ingredients to setting timers for each of the dishes, it is about tackling one item at a time. Using a single point to coordinate all those items is like having an executive chef orchestrating the pass at a restaurant.

Although having an Echo Show on the counter or Alexa at the ready might not guarantee the perfect meal coming to the table, it can set anyone and everyone down a more successful path to a delicious meal.

And, if there is a craving for an Italian Beef after watching some episodes of The Bear, Alexa can help. From pulling up recipes for that classic dish or discovering a restaurant that serves its version, that kitchen helper is always willing to say, yes chef.

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