Walmart Express Delivery is the ultimate holiday hack

Walmart Express Delivery offers the ultimate convenience, photo provided by Walmart
Walmart Express Delivery offers the ultimate convenience, photo provided by Walmart /

While everyone should be full of merriment, the scrooge effect might be on the horizon. A last-minute party invitation, kids home from school, and even running out of wrapping paper can make that holly and jolly disappear in a snap. Luckily, Walmart Express Delivery is the one stop shop that will get all the food, gifts, and more to the door faster than Santa’s sleigh.

For some people, the hustle and bustle of the last-minute holiday shop is more irritating than the constant grind of a power drill in the background. Not only is it the chaos of darting from place to place, but there is the fear of out of stock items and long lines. In some cases, people might throw their hands up and just opt for a big lump of coal.

With the Walmart Express Delivery, everyone can check off everything on that shopping list at one time. While delivery apps have become a popular choice for dinner or grocery shopping, Walmart puts grocery, household, and gift giving all together on one site. From needing that teacher’s gift to stockpiling some extra toilet paper because the kids are home from school, everything is a click away.

While the Express Delivery helps in a time crunch, Walmart Plus members have come to appreciate the 365 days worth of free delivery and shipping that is included in the membership. Whether billed monthly or annually, the perks are worth the money spent. Knowing that the last-minute gift can arrive in time or the weekly grocery shop fits into that busy day, the benefits of free delivery and free shipping bring value to the membership.

Walmart Express Delivery
Walmart Express Delivery offers the ultimate convenience, photo provided by Walmart /

Sitting on the couch, with the rain pelting the house, no one wanted to venture out to run the many, many errands on the holiday to-do list. Luckily, Walmart Express Delivery was available to put everything on the doorstep in 75 minutes, with no fear of getting drenched by the storm.

Like some households, there is a continual “list” that contains needed items. During the holidays, the Post-It note grows more than three times bigger. From an extra gallon of milk to remembering the need for Crisco to make grandma’s coffee cake recipe, the must-haves are balanced with the wants. Add to the mix, the other items that escaped the last shopping trip, like the tissue paper for gifts and the protein powder for the kid home from college, the cart would be piled high.

While some people might find it leisurely to stroll the aisle, others do not have the time or the inclination to step through those doors. At the same time, no one wants to just sit around and wait for a quickly needed item. Walmart Express Delivery simplifies the process.

For the recent purchase, the list of items might have had the shopper wondering about the chaos in the household. Sure, there were soft drinks to help with the senior’s last mid-terms, but there was also the bottle of coffee creamer that satisfies the sweet holiday craving. Add to that mix a few extra stocking stuffers, gift tags for wrapping presents, and a shaving kit for last minute work trip, the collection of items was something that really could only come from Walmart.

Similar to other shopping services, the shopper communicates during the process. When one soda brand was unavailable, a substitute was offered. That item could either be approved or refunded. No one would be stuck with a product that they did not want.

Overall, the process was seamless. Plus, one of the items even came with a cash back bonus for a future Walmart purchase.

For the last minute, need it now shopping scenario, Walmart Express Delivery is a smart choice. While there is an additional delivery fee associated with the convenience, that extra money is worth keeping the holly, jolly spirit during the hectic holiday season.

Walmart Express Delivery is available at select stores. Walmart Plus shoppers do receive a delivery discount, but the expedited service does come with an additional cost. And, for some people, gifting a Walmart Plus membership might be the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

As an added holiday gift for Walmart Plus customers, they can receive one free Express Delivery during December. Otherwise, the less than 2-hour delivery does cost $10. The service will be available until 4 p.m. local time on December 24.

Santa might be swift on his sleigh, but the Walmart team is quite speedy with that holiday shopping. The to-do list can be tackled with a little help from the shopping experts.

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