2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu includes three new flavors and returning favorites

2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu new flavors
2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu new flavors / Dairy Queen

Whether it is a mid-afternoon treat or a sweet way to end the day, the 2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu captures a taste of nostalgia on that iconic red spoon. When happy tastes this good, everyone will want to order one of these Blizzards more than once.

There is something special about the Dairy Queen Blizzard. Whether it is the ability to flip its on its head or the perfect blend of soft serve and mix-ins, it has rightfully earned its food icon status.

The 2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu includes new flavors and returning favorites. The three new flavors are: Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party Blizzard Treat, Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard Treat, and Ultimate Cookie Blizzard Treat. The returning Blizzard flavors are: Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard Treat, Brownie Batter Blizzard Treat, and Cotton Candy Blizzard Treat.

Looking at the three new summer Blizzard flavors, the nostalgic food trend is clear. The Picnic Peach Cobbler Blizzard Treat seems to capture that classic summertime dessert. It might not be as sweet as grandma’s recipe, but it should be bright, refreshing, and maybe a tad juicy.

The other two flavors play into the indulgent side. Ice cream and cookies are a classic combination. Instead of worrying about the right ratio of ice cream to cookie, DQ makes it happen.

The Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Party Blizzard hits the sweet and salty flavor. As the peanut butter topping swirls in between pieces of chocolate chip cookies, it is delightful. Plus, the rainbow confetti crunch adds a little visual fun.

The Ultimate Cookie Blizzard Treat is an over the top creation. Featuring OREO, CHIPS AHOY!  and NUTTER BUTTER, it is a cookie mash-up unlike anything else offered. With all the sweetness, it might be hard to order the large size.

In addition, the return of favorite DQ Blizzard flavors from the vault makes many people smile. The classic flavors are ones that people loved. Hopefully, the flavor is just like they remember.

Also, DQ alludes to the possibility that other favorite Blizzard flavors will make their return from “The Vault.” With 170 flavors that have been part of the DQ history, it will be interesting to see what other flavors make their triumphant return.

The 2024 Dairy Queen Summer Menu returns on April 1. It will be available for a limited time. Hopefully, the Blizzards will be around till Labor Day. Pumpkin spice season does not have to come right after the Fourth of July Fireworks.