2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts is a feast for all the senses

Tostada de Longosta at 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts
Tostada de Longosta at 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts / Cristine Struble

While Disney Parks have magical moments at every turn, the first festival of the year captures the creative, imaginative spirit of the Disney universe in the best way. At the 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts, the combination of new and returning favorite dishes for a food feast for all the senses.  

In recent months, Epcot has brought down many green walls to reveal immersive spaces that help guests harness their imagination. From gazing at the beauty, power, and transformative characteristics of water in the Moana interactive space to sitting next to the Walt Disney statue in the shadows of Spaceship Earth, the new spaces almost revitalized favorite areas. Given that Epcot seems to be a continual work in progress, the new and old find a way to harmonize.  

During the 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts, the event celebrates creativity across all artistic disciplines. From the talented artists who turn a blank canvas into a vibrant scene to the musicians who fill the space with melodies, it is a cacophony that mesmerizes in the best way.  

Since Epcot is often the Disney park that invites guests to feast at every turn, the specialty food offerings for the festival showcase how a single plate can be an artistic expression in flavor, appearance, and overall experience.  

This year’s Festival of the Arts brings together new and returning favorite food options. While many people lined up to get the illuminated Figment popcorn bucket on the first day, the menu is much more than just a singular sweet, colorful snack.  

These dishes cannot be missed at 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts 

The annual Festival of the Arts is a celebration of vibrant flavors and colors. Since the festival’s inception, the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine delights guests by showcasing how color and flavor work hand in hand. Of course, the special treat for enjoying each dish is an added benefit.  

A few returning favorites are back to many people’s delight. Options like the Red Wine-braised Beef Short Rib, Wagyu Bao Bun, and Wild Mushroom Risotto are always top choices.  

Also, for anyone did not have the Duck and Dumplings from The Artist’s Table needs to order this dish. The smoked duck is a lovely, tender bite. Served with pillowy ricotta dumplings and vegetables, the meal is quite hearty. For anyone looking for a plate that eats more like a meal, this option delivers.  

Since many Epcot guests prefer to seek out new dishes, the salmon duo at L’Art de la Cuisine Française is a must order. Combining a cold and hot dish on the plate, the dish showcases salmon’s versatility.  

The cold preparation combines a salmon mousse and a smoked salmon. While it is a big bite, it eats light. The punch of flavor from the dill keeps it bright.  

The hot preparation is delightful because of the contrast from the flakey salmon and the crispy pastry. Even if the sauce might be a touch rich, it celebrates all the textures. Try to find a spot to sit and enjoy this dish (not over a trash can), even if the tables are a little sparse in the French area.  

Also, ordering the Elderflower Liqueur Cocktail to pair with the food is a great choice. The floral notes offer sweetness, and the mint brings brightness. It helps to cut through the richness of the duo.  

Another new dish to try is the Tostada de Longosta. The chilled lobster with chipotle aioli, onions, and mango is a great way to start the food exploration. While the dish hits all the flavor notes, changing the red onions to pickled red onions might be a nice swap in the future. It could help tone down the assertiveness of the red onions.  

Since every Epcot day should include at least one sweet treat, the Neapolitan Dessert Trio at the Deco Delights is a must order. Part of the Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine, it has a little bit of everything. The strawberry mousse is light and airy. The vanilla bean cheesecake is tangy with a good contrast in texture. The chocolate tart is rich and indulgent. Plus, pairing it with the espresso martini is a lovely final act before watching the new fireworks show, Luminous Symphony of Us.  

The 2024 Epcot Festival of the Arts runs now through February 19, 2024. The event is included with theme park admission. Food purchases are separate. Theme park reservations are required.