2024 Hospitality trends will feature these food ingredients on the menu


Whether travelers are venturing near or far, one of the 2024 hospitality trends will be featured on every menu. It is time to put locally sourced food front and center. The choice allows the unique characteristics of the area to become part of the overall experience.  

When a new year begins, trend conversations spark people’s interest in an unexplored world, an off-beat track, or the next hot ticket. Terms like travel dupes or seeking out the blue zones can sit side by side with culinary destinations and luxury locales. While people will look for a topic that sparks their interest, one thing holds true no matter the concept. Hospitality can be felt around the table and the food ingredients capture that sentiment in every bite.  

According to Chef Stephen Toevs, Marriott International’s Senior Director of Culinary, US and Canada, unique and local food sourcing will be showcased in hotel and resorts around the world. In some ways, that food offers a glimpse into a world that a traveler only gets to sample for a short period of time. Hopefully, that first plate of food will create a hunger for another opportunity to taste those culinary delights.  

Within Marriott hotels and resorts, the brand looks to create unique dining experiences. Sourcing food from local companies is one aspect. Some resorts, like JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek Resort and Spa, grow their own herb gardens, which are used by the resort chefs.  

In addition, Chef Toevs believes that seasonal ingredients will take center stage. As many people in the culinary world appreciate, eating produce in season has a more robust flavor. Even though some fruits and vegetables can be sourced 365 days a year, the difference between that hot house tomato and one fresh from the summer vine is clear.  

While the concept might be a broad idea, how chefs bring their creativity to the table will keep people hungry for more. From the tropical fruits at beach resorts to hearty root vegetables in fall, there are plenty of ways to showcase the best of local cuisine and give people the flavor of the area.  

Whether the next trip is for business, leisure, or both, pursue the restaurant's menu and see how the chef showcases the region. From a protein that might not be available at home to a seasoning which is something new, that taste might fuel the desire book another trip sooner versus later.