2024 Uber Lost and Found report: Forgetfulness, food, and lots of fodder

2024 Uber Lost and Found report
2024 Uber Lost and Found report / Uber

Everyone has been there. Two minutes after arriving at the destination the wave of regret happens. From a bag in the trunk to that favorite sweater in the backseat, people can lose items in their Uber. In the 2024 Uber Lost and Found report, a few items will have people wondering, what were they thinking?

For the eighth year, Uber has shared its Lost and Found report. Although some items are totally out of the box, a few tidbits are important to note. This year, Miami is the most forgetful city. Whether it is too much fun in the sun or the late nights that leave people a little bleary, it seems that that backseat space seems to produce forgetfulness.

In addition to the city findings, other random facts seem to trend with people leaving items behind. Although red would seemingly stand out, red items are lost more frequently. In addition, January 21 was the most forgetful day. Maybe the moon and sun were far from aligned in that moment.

While the annual list is quite amusing, there is another aspect to this list. You can get items back that you leave in an Uber. The service continues to implement new offerings, protections, and services to make guests and drivers feel safe. It does not guarantee that the beloved Eras t-shirt will find its way home, but it is possible.

2024 Uber Lost and Found Report food
2024 Uber Lost and Found Report, food / Uber

What are some of the most interesting items in the 2024 Uber Lost and Found Report?

From food to folly, the 2024 Uber Lost and Found Report has some real and laughable items that might make a few people say, hmm. While it is unclear if that “Candle that says ‘See you in court’” made its way to the intended recipient, a few other lucky items might have found their way home.

A few of the most unusual items included a Bravo Con wristband (hopefully they didn’t miss the RHONY panel), a panic button (but people should know better than to push a red button), and a WWE Championship belt (which may be a friendship breaker with The Rock). Other items are a little more realistic. Many people have left behind a Playbill or even beauty items, but it might have been intentional to leave behind that wizard woman. Maybe she used that Harry Potter wand to cast the wrong spell.

The food items on the 2024 Uber Lost and Found Report are a little more curious. It might take some penance for leaving the church cookies behind. Other items like salmon or ice cream cones could cause a cleaning fee for the guest.

Other food items could be just a mistake. Everyone has forgotten those leftovers somewhere. Unfortunately, the Uber driver may not appreciate that Benihana garlic butter.

What is the biggest takeaway from this year’s list? Look around the car before leaving or set a reminder to get that item out of the trunk. Instead of going back to that pre-recorded message like New York taxis had, maybe Uber can send a pop-up when the ride ends to remind guests to take all their stuff with them when they exit. Maybe next year's Lost and Found Report would look a little different.