Adjoa Andoh pours a cup of sweet and sentimental relationship advice, interview

Adjoa Andoh for International Delight at Coffee & Courting event celebrating Bridgerton inspired flavors
Adjoa Andoh for International Delight at Coffee & Courting event celebrating Bridgerton inspired flavors / International Delight

As Bridgerton’s Lady Danbury, Anjoa Andoh has a prime view of the tangled tales and storied romantic relationships. In her personal life, her own relationship is a long lasting partnership that many people would long to emulate. While a fictional happily ever after might fill people will hope, the real-life sweetness found in a special connection can be more fulfilling. It all might start over a shared love of a favorite flavor.

The idealized romance can have people swooning over that dashing man sweeping the damsel off her feet. Although the romanticized image might have people waxing poetic, the reality is that today’s modern romance may not have that grand moment. From swiping on an image to a fleeting moment in passing, it takes time to establish a connection that is longer than the first look. A moment talking around the table, over a cup of coffee can be a good start.

Recently, International Delight launched Bridgerton inspired creamers and iced coffee. As seen in the offerings, the nod to English flavors was clear. From Berries and Crème to English Toffee, the beverages seem to fit into a day at Wimbledon or would be served at afternoon tea. Even the ladies of Bridgerton might enjoy a splash in their teacups.

As part of the launch of the International Delight Bridgerton-inspired creamers and iced coffee, Adjoa Andoh spoke with FoodSided about her partnership with the brand. After hosting a Coffee & Courting event, Andoh reflected on how the moment brought people together.

She said, “I think that a cup of coffee is the opening to having a conversation in a safe environment. There was something lovely about lots of singletons coming together for this event. It is lovely for people to come together and have this conversation, especially when we live life at an enormously ridiculous pace at the moment. There’s something about a first date over a cup of coffee that feels like a very gentle way into seeing how your feel about someone.”

While there might be less worry about picking the wrong fork for a particular course or potentially spilling soup down a shirt, the reality is that people can use food or a meal as a way to connect. It might be the love of a particular flavor or a craving for a unique ingredient. Those little moments can endear a person to each other.

At the same time, it does not mean that a couple must be a carbon copy of one another. A coffee drinker can happily co-exist with a tea drinker. Sometimes it is about finding the connection even in the differences.

In some ways, the International Delight Bridgerton inspired creamers could be equally delightful in coffee or tea. Andoh recalled a type of concentrated milk that reminds her of the English toffee flavor that would be lovely with tea. Again, connections are everywhere, as long as people put the effort into uncovering them.

That concept can easily apply to relationships. While Bridgerton might have grand gestures that have the audience swooning, the real world has different ways of keeping those sweeping love affairs going strong.

Adjoa Andoh at International Delight event
Adjoa Andoh at International Delight event / International Delight

Andoh shared that she has been with her spouse for 30 years and 23 years married. For her, it is more than just being swept off your feet that keeps a love affair strong.

She said, “I think finding someone who wants to spend that many decades with you has a power that is equal to being swept off one’s feet. Not every romance has to follow a set pattern. There can be something quietly companionable about the strongest relations that is not just about being swept off one’s feet. If you find the person who is going to be solidly by your side, cheering you on in rain and sunshine, that is the person you want.”

Continuing the conversation, Andoh shared, “There are different ways of being swept off your feet. For some people, being swept off your feet might be big romantic gestures. For others might be brushing your hair or reminding your that you have a doctor’s appointment. There are many ways to fill up our hearts.”

For Andoh, her connection to her spouse remains strong because they have both shared experiences and hobbies that they enjoy separately. While there are both similarities and differences, one aspects brings them back together every time. It is curiosity.

As she mentioned, “we have a real appetite for life. We have a real curiosity for the world and that keeps up going. We cheer each other on, but we do not have to be joined at the hip.”

While that sentiment might be a goal for many relationships, the Bridgerton world might not be quite as sophisticated as that mindset. With Season 3 coming to Netflix, the next chapters will focus on Penelope and Colin. The complicated relationship might not be quite as grand as past stories, but the moments might be more relatable.

Andoh holds a special spot for Colin and Penelope. Specifically, she mentioned that she loves those characters because “they are not their families most glamourous siblings.” Possibly, those “wallflower” characters are even more relatable to viewers. In a way, it is about finding a passion and pursuing it.

When asked about Penelope, Andoh commented, “I love the fact that Penelope might not be the prettiest, tallest or wittiest. She has the ability to put pen to paper and create worlds.” Maybe in some way that sentiment can inspire anyone to find their own bliss, no matter the hand that they are dealt.

Could that moment of clarity happen over a cup of coffee? Maybe it is time to block out the noise, pour a little International Delight Bridgerton inspired coffee creamer into the cup, discover what brings you bliss. Whether it is sweet, juicy or nutty, as long as it brings a smile at the end of the day, it is a version of happily ever after.