Airheads wants everyone to cash in on fun this summer

Airheads summer fun promotion
Airheads summer fun promotion / Hivespane

It is time to step away from the desk and jump into the summer fun, literally. This summer, Airheads invites everyone to use a new currency in this vending machine, and it unlocks more than just a sweet treat.

When people grow older, the simplicity of playing a game, laughing till you snort, or just stepping away from the screen seems more and more unlikely. The pressures of “adulting” zap the fun and turn almost everything into a chore. Long gone are the cheers when the final school bell rang, and summer fun was the only item on the schedule.

Airheads wants to put fun front and center for the summer. With the special Underwater Vending Machine, Airheads is encouraging everyone to dive into some summer fun.

As Craig Cuchra, VP of Marketing at Perfetti Van Melle, maker of Airheads candy, said, “Our Underwater Vending Machine is sure to get adults excited about jumping back in the pool and re-living the carefree long summer days. So many people have nostalgic memories of savoring Airheads at the pool on a hot day and we want to bring this feeling back, and with a fun twist.”

Check out this Airheads Underwater Vending video that explains it all.

Even though the $7000 price tag might be a little hefty for the backyard pool, the idea behind this concept is more than just a viral moment. Paying in “fun” might be an idea that more people should get behind. People appreciate how that “pay it forward” moment brings joy. Maybe it is time to exchange fun for food. It might not necessarily be a nod to that Monsters, Inc. moment, but it is a concept to think about. Maybe a restaurant or bar could offer a discount for guests who bring a game to the table.

Additionally, the Airhead promotion serves as a reminder candy is an all-ages food. Blending both nostalgia and fun, the over the top concept gets people to stop what they are doing. Even if that break is just long enough to enjoy an piece of candy, it can be the recharge that is needed.

And, in a silly note, swimmers will appreciate this challenge. As a parent of competitive swimmers, Airheads have been a swim meet and pool day staple. There is nothing sweeter than celebrating a personal best with some Airheads.

More information on the Airheads Underwater Vending Machines can be found on the candy brand’s website.