ALDI and DoorDash usher in a new era of savings for the big game

While tickets to the big game might be too costly for the average person, creating a winning food spread does not have to break the bank. Thanks to ALDI and DoorDash, eight winning food items are priced just right.

Whether people are hoping for the next great football dynasty or are cheering for Mr. Irrelevant’s triumphant moment, the big game is only partially about football. That Sunday night brings together friends and family to eat, drink, and be merry. While some people might hope that the hottest couple will kiss under the falling confetti, there are many hours to fill prior to that moment.  

Since food is often the centerpiece of home parties, everyone wants an epic spread, but they may not have the celebrity bank roll to spend on all the food and beverages. ALDI and DoorDash have the perfect solution that has everyone cheering. Ready for the “$19.89 Blitz (ALDI Version)” promotion?

While the number connection is as noticeable as some bright red lipstick, the special discount is a nod to the season’s “it” couple. Special ALDI orders via DoorDash can redeem a $19.89 discount. Adding all the eight special items to the cart and spending the $60 minimum purchase will trigger the discount. At checkout, include ALDIGAMEDAY code.  

The eight required items are a combination of salty, savory, and sweet food items. The list is a good starting point to creating a winning game day food spread.  

The ALDI items are:  

Kirkwood Crispy Chicken Strips   

Tuscan Garden Ranch Dressing and Dip   

Burman’s Tomato Ketchup   

Breakfast Best Original or Cinnamon French Toast Sticks   

Strawberries (1lb)   

Bake Shop Cinnamon Rolls   

Park Street Deli Hummus Quartet  

Multi-colored Pepper Package (3ct)   

From the game day feast to a little pick-me up on Monday morning, these food choices are staples for any party host. Also, many of the items work together. Peppers and hummus make for an easy snack. An extra bottle of ketchup is great for sliders, hot dogs, or even a quick fix for an overly spicy chili. In many cases, these items would already be on the shopping list.  

No matter which team earns immortality on that football trophy, the real winner of the night will be the shoppers who save $19.89 on their shopping bill. The dollar amount might not make a dent in a concert ticket price, but it is big savings on that grocery bill.