ALDI makes it easier for everyone to become master of their grill

ALDI Grillmaster promotion
ALDI Grillmaster promotion / ALDI

While shoppers appreciate that ALDI Finds help them save money on that grocery shopping bill, it does not guarantee that a perfectly prepared meal hits the table. ALDI partners with DoorDash to give people access to the ultimate grillmasters.

Summer and grilling are the perfect food pairing. From the simple burger to the juicy steak, the aroma from the food kissed by the flames is irresistible.

While many people might fancy themselves the new version of “Boy Meets Grill,” some people might not be master of the flame. No one wants to spend good money on food only to see that BBQ chicken turn into a rubbery mess or a juicy burger turn into a hockey puck.

The ALDI grillmasters promotion will give hundreds of shoppers the opportunity to have access to a private chef service. While this promotion is a giveaway, it is another example how ALDI puts its customers first.

Speaking to the new promotion, Scott Patton, VP of National Buying at ALDI, “At ALDI, we have everything shoppers need for their next backyard barbecue, including a top-tier selection of meat and seafood. By giving our shoppers access to expert grillmasters, we’re highlighting our offerings to show that our premium assortment – from USDA Choice Steak to Cedar Plank Salmon – delivers on quality.”

According to ALDI, the special giveaway happens as follows:

When a customer orders from the ALDI Grillmaster Banner on DoorDash and enters the code GRILLMASTER at checkout, they will be entered to win the promotion. Additionally, everyone who enters that code will receive $5 off their order.

The private chef promotion has a $250 value. Winners will be announced on July 10, 2024. More information can be found at online.

While the special promotion is a great opportunity, ALDI has tons of shopping deals for that backyard BBQ, grilling event, or just any day dinner. Year over year, shoppers have saved 25% on fresh meat sales. Those extra dollars can make an impact on the weekly food budget.

For anyone who might be a little weary about grilling, it just takes practice and a little patience. Appreciating heat zones, good grill preparation, and a watchful eye will make a difference.

Ready to get grilling with ALDI? What is your best ALDI Find that is always featured on the grill?