Alex Guarnaschelli joins Nutella to stack pancakes for firefighters, interview

Alex Guarnaschelli for Nutella
Alex Guarnaschelli for Nutella / Michael Simon for Nutella

Over the years, many people listen and follow Alex Guarnaschelli for cooking inspiration. From Saturday mornings on Food Network’s The Kitchen to her mentorship on the Italian inspired competition, Ciao House, Guarnaschelli has a clear culinary point of view that demands attention. As a Nutella fan, she partnered with the popular chocolate hazelnut spread to stack up an extra helping hand with that plate of pancakes.

For many people, Nutella and pancakes are a classic combination. Whether the silver dollar pancakes are stacked high with a thin later of Nutella between eat layer or a single gigantic pancake with a heaping spoonful providing the backdrop for a creative fruit face, there are no shortage of ways to enjoy the food pairing.

Recently, Alex Guarnaschelli joined forces with Nutella to raise awareness for local firehouses. While some people might be familiar with the classic pancake breakfast fundraiser, the Ferrero Brand wants to give select firehouses the opportunity to stack their coffers to better support their initiatives. Anyone can nominate a local firehouse to receive a Nutella Pancake Breakfast Kit via Stacks for Giving Back.

Ahead of the partnership announcement, Alex Guarnaschelli spoke to Foodsided about the collaboration, her pancake recipe and cooking as a family.

Guarnaschelli, like many people, admitted right away that she believes pancakes are “a great way to start the day.” While the traditional pancakes are delicious, her recipe for Soufflé Pancakes with Nutella provide another option to enjoy the food.

She explained, “I developed a recipe that has extra egg whites, whipped, fluffy and folded into the batter. It increases the fun factor, but it also has additional protein. The appearance makes for dramatic pancakes. With a little Nutella on top, it is fun and a manageable portion.”

Even though her pancake recipe looks impressive, it is relatively easy to make. Listening to her explain the method, anyone can make these tall, fluffy pancakes. Plus, that special look might help get everyone talking about the cause of Stacks for Giving Back.

As Guarnaschelli explained, “the philanthropic effort behind this concept is critical for the firehouses to raise money for their supplies. With this recipe, it is a fun update to the traditional pancake breakfasts. I was working with a firefighter chef and he was excited to bring the idea back to his firehouse. He mentioned that when the firefighters think that a recipe is good, they bang their plates on the table. They want more.”

Whether it is the firefighters at the firehouse banging their plates for more or the kids asking for these pancakes every weekend, it seems that the recipe will become a favorite. As a mom, Guarnaschelli understands that it is important to have recipes that the everyone enjoys.

While she partnered with her daughter on a new cookbook, the reality is that Guarnaschelli understands that kids and parents need to find common ground. As Guarnaschelli explained, her cookbook is “a real sharing of how we cook and enjoy food together.”

Guarnaschelli does not want to push her daughter too hard into the culinary world. It is important for her to give her daughter space to grow, learn and develop herself. No matter the path, her mom will be there to stand beside her.

While Nutella’s Stacks for Giving Back is an organic fusion of different things for a good cause, the money raised for a new firetruck or equipment is just one aspect of this concept. A moment of gratitude can stack into a bigger movement. The table can often be a place to congregate and maybe it can also be a place to celebrate the strength in community.

More information on Nutella’s Stacks for Giving Back can be found online.

Alex Guarnaschelli can be seen on many Food Network shows including Ciao House, The Kitchen, and Alex vs. America.