Move over espresso martinis, these new cocktails are bogarting the conversation

Hendrick's Driest Ever Martini
Hendrick's Driest Ever Martini / Hendrick's Gin

Food and beverage trends go in various directions. From bold flavors to curious serving methods, even that tried and true favorite cocktail can get a little fun upgrade. These unique cocktails might spark some curious conversations, but is it all a fools errand?

A well balanced, perfectly chilled martini can be a lovely toast to the good life. Since carting that bar around might not always be convenient, Hendrick’s Gin has a convenient option for the Driest-Ever Martini.

Sometimes liquor trends go in unexpected directions. While espresso martini continues to have a moment, some people prefer a simpler, fresher option. Well-chilled gin and vermouth can be the taste that always satisfies.

While bold flavors and colorful twists might be head turners, flavor is the most important part of the beverage in the glass. Even though iconic movie characters might prefer to shake their martinis, Hendrick’s wants to take the martini in a new direction, a dry one, a very dry one.

Hendrick's Driest Ever Martini
Hendrick's Driest Ever Martini / Hendrick's Gin

The Hendrick’s Driest-Ever Martini simplifies the whole process. Simply add water to the magic powdered elixir and watch the cocktail come to life. Although it is unclear if it requires just a drop of water or a spritz of seltzer, the reality is that this dry beverage does need a little moisture to make it sippable.

While this martini is definitely dry, it does not lose the Hendrick’s signature cucumber forward flavor. The bright, vegetable note is apparent even though the appearance is a little powdery. Served in an hourglass vessel, some people might think this idea might be just one grain in the sands of our times. The serving drama is definitely soap opera worthy.

Although this Hendrick’s item is not available in stores, the reality is that there is some truth to this idea. It might not be as well received as Liquid IV, but it is not total fiction.

Spritz Society canned shots
Spritz Society canned shots / Spritz Society

While Hendricks takes the liquid out of the cocktail equation, Spritz Society is concentrating the beverage into compact shot. The new Spritz Society Shooters are 20% ABV. While that ready to drink beverage might shake up a good time in a hurry, people better be a little cautious with those cute little cans.

Some people might be thirsty for that powerful punch in a can. The real fruit flavors and vodka has been a hit with a large audience. While the classic canned cocktail has its place, so does a more potent potable.

Although the Spritz Society shots are not available in stores, some people might want to see a half can option of the popular canned cocktail in the future. It might be a new way to enjoy the beverage this summer.

When fiction and reality are poured in the same glass, the joke can get a little blurry. Maybe that idea is the point that these beverage brands are making.