April brings doughnuts, donuts, and bounty of sweetness

Dunkin changes its name to Donuts' with a sweet drop
Dunkin changes its name to Donuts' with a sweet drop / Dunkin Donuts

While the jokes are plentiful on April 1, the reality is that sometimes a little extra sweetness can make all those foolish moments seem more bearable. At Dunkin and Krispy Kreme, it is time to get glazing and focus on a favorite donut.

April 1 brings tons of humorous promotions. From people who want to transform their look into a creamy, cheesy golden hue to others who are embracing a pop culture phenomenon, the reality is that a few laughs can make people hungry for more.

As seen on its Instagram, Krispy Kreme is offering a special promotion. While the brand has transformed its iconic Original Glaze in fruit, chocolate, and other flavors, it has only been available on that classic doughnut. For one day only, it will glaze anything.

Although this idea could make some carrots taste better or maybe could even upgrade a boring piece of white bread, there are some items that might not necessarily be the best choice to be “glazed.” Then again, who would have thought that hot honey pizza would be such a food trend. Maybe glaze is the next big thing in the food world.

For a real treat, do not miss the $4.01 BOGO Dozen deal. When someone pulls another prank, just turn to a treat to make that embarrassing moment a little bit more bearable.

Dunkin is joining the fun on April 1. While the brand did not go as far back as those commercials where the baker was always making the donuts, it is focusing on what makes the brand famous, donuts.

For one day only, the food brand will be Donuts’, just Donuts’. The special, limited release sweatshirts will really be available for purchase online. Starting at 12 p.m. ET, ShopDunkin.com will offer the special items for $25 each. Act quickly before they are gone.

And, for anyone who misses that sweet drop, Dunkin’ Rewards members can receive 3X bonus points on donut orders today. Orders must be made via the mobile app.

There are plenty of jokes, silliness, and other fun to be had on April 1. At Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts, the laughs and the real sweetness go hand in hand.