Arby’s brings back fan favorite sweet and savory sandwiches

Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon is back
Arby's Brown Sugar Bacon is back / Arby's

The phrase is said often, everything is better with bacon. While sizzle can awaken people from a deep slumber, the flavor can make them salivate. Arby’s is giving guests more bacon with the return of its Brown Sugar Bacon menu and those sweet and savory sandwiches are irresistible.

Recently, Arby’s introduced bigger, bolder menu items. The phrase “we got the meats” might be simplistic, but the flavors on the specialty menu offerings are far from one note. From intensely spicy sandwiches to layers of smokey barbecue, each and every food tries to be bigger, bolder, and better than the previous offering.

Arby’s Brown Sugar Bacon returns on three sandwiches, BLT, Roast Beef and Turkey. While there are additional ingredients stacked in between that King’s Hawaiian Bun, the flavor is all about the bacon.

As Ellen Rose, Arby’s Chief Marketing Officer said, “Bacon makes everything better, especially when combined with brown sugar to give it an extra sweetness that perfectly balances the salty and savory flavors. Arby’s Brown Sugar Bacon menu items were fan favorites in the past, so we knew we wanted to bring back these three legendary sandwiches. You'll never want to eat a sandwich without it again!”

The key to all three sandwiches is that sweet and savory bacon. It can stand on its own as well as enhance the other flavors. That hint of sugar caramelized on the crispy bacon not only is a craveable flavor but also is a different texture. Even though there is a sweetness, it is not cloying.

Additionally, Arby’s uses a Dijon mustard spread on the Roast Beef and Turkey. That tangy, slightly spicy condiment adds another flavor layer which makes the sandwich craveable. That thoughtfulness in building a complete bite shows that a quick service restaurant can have that attention to detail.

While these sandwiches are returning menu items, it seems to fall into a trend for quick service restaurants. It seems that people are wanting big, bold food choices. Whether it is a nod to comfort food, nostalgic flavors, or just a hearty dish, these menu choices satisfy even the biggest hunger.

The three Brown Sugar Bacon focused sandwiches are available for a limited time. Check with local restaurants for pricing and availability.