A&W gives centenarians a sweet treat for life

A&W free root beer float promotion
A&W free root beer float promotion / A&W

While that birthday cake celebrates another year, few people have crossed the triple digit age mark. For centenarians, A&W will make any and every day a little sweeter.

Certain birthdays often come with great fanfare. From the first birthday smash cake to the Sweet 16 celebration, there are many moments where people gather around the table to raise a toast to being another year older.

In honor of A&W’s 105th anniversary celebration, the restaurant brand wants to celebrate others who have crossed the 100 year mark. Anyone 100 years or older can receive free root beer floats for life.

As Liz Bazner, VP of Marketing and Innovation for A&W Restaurants said, "We love our fans of all ages but there are around 108,000 centenarians in the U.S. that brands overlook. These are people that have been with A&W since the beginning. We wouldn't have survived the last century without them, so we wanted to show our appreciation with something special just for them."

When A&W opened, it celebrated the returning WWI veterans. While the Greatest Generation has impacted today’s world in many ways, those older Americans have many more stories to tell. Sometimes choosing to listen to their wisdom can help to avoid the same mistakes time and again.

While a root beer float will not solve the world’s problems, A&W’s promotion serves as a reminder that the older generation should not be forgotten or brushed aside. As seen with the recent WWII D-Day 80 anniversary, those men and women have no fear in doing the right thing or speaking their mind. In a world full of chaos, it might be time to listen a little more to the past.

Anyone who is 100 years or older can visit a local A&W restaurant to receive their root beer float. Guests will need to provide identification.

Additionally, everyone 13 years and older can celebrate their birthday at A&W with a free root beer float. That offer and more promotions can be found on the restaurant’s website.