Celebrate tradition and craft of Bacardi’s The Real Havana Club Rum with dessert

Rumfetti Cake from Bacardi's The Real Havana Club Rum and Bang Bang Bakehouse
Rumfetti Cake from Bacardi's The Real Havana Club Rum and Bang Bang Bakehouse / Bacardi

While many people celebrate new, innovative food and beverage offerings, flavors that are rooted in history, tradition, and craft have a taste that is unique. When a beverage brand stands the test of time, enjoying that sip feels like reconnecting with an old friend, the memories come flooding back, and the experience is just as delicious as the first sip.

The Real Havana Club Rum from Bacardi is considered one of the first premium rums. Before distillers pondered the impacts of wood types, sea air, and other cask aging techniques, the double aged Real Havana Club Rum put the craft first.

While the story behind this rum might read like a great novel, the original recipe remains to this day. When Bacardi took over the brand, it committed to keeping the history alive.

As part of the brand’s 90th birthday, it collaborated with Bang Bang Bakehouse to offer a “rumfetti” rum cake. Known for its rum cakes, this specialty, celebratory offering is an adult dessert that is delicious served with or without an additional cocktail pairing.

Offering some insight on this collaboration, Giovanny Gutierrez, Havana Club Rum national brand ambassador said, “Rooted in history, fueled by passion, and defined by resilience – The Real Havana Club celebrates 90 years of crafting exceptional rum with this special nationwide collaboration with Bang Bang Bakehouse. With each sip, or in this case bite, you taste the dedication that has sustained the brand for nearly a century. Join us in toasting to authenticity and the joy our rum brings to the world.” 

Available online, the “Rumfetti” cake has a touch of whimsy that makes this 90th birthday celebration fun. Even though confetti cakes might be a favorite with a younger crowd, brightly colored sprinkles studded throughout the jar can bring up those nostalgic feelings. Adults do not always have to be serious.

With this special jar cake, the flavor and texture make it quite enjoyable. First, the delicate crumb and moist texture is scrumptious. More importantly, the overall flavor is not overly sweet. It is a delightful cake that satisfies a sweet tooth, but does not feel like a spoonful of sugar with no depth. In addition, the middle crumble layer adds texture. While the sprinkles excite the eye, the slightly crunchy note feels like little treasures to discover in each bite.

Since this is a rum cake, made with rum, the alcoholic note is subtle. It is far from that mistake that some people make where is a rum shot with a side of cake. The liquor soak keeps the cake’s texture enjoyable. More importantly, it adds depth. While it complements the vanilla, that hint of nuttiness helps the cake from becoming too sweet. Like a well-balanced cocktail, it is about the flavor, not the buzz.

Thinking about pairing this Rumfetti with a beverage, it is delightful with a glass of rum neat. For anyone who would prefer a cocktail, the Classico 1934 is a wonderful choice. The slight citrus note from the orange bitters keeps the pairing from becoming cloying.

The special Rumfetti rum cake is available from Bang Bang Bakehouse now through April 19 or while supplies last. The two-cake package sells for $19.34.