Banana bread can be more than just a use for ripe bananas

Dole bananas
Dole bananas / Dole

In many homes, a bunch of bananas sit in the fruit basket. From a quick snack to the topping for a bowl of cereal, the iconic fruit is often part of that weekly shopping list. Sometimes, those bananas transform from golden yellow to a more umber color a little too quickly. Banana bread often gives those ripe bananas a second life.

This year marks Dole’s 125th Banana-versary. Over the year’s, that fruit has had Disney themed stickers and have flavored more than a few smoothies. Given the wide spread appeal of the fruit, Dole’s team of fruit experts have found a multitude of ways to celebrate the banana. Recipes range from simple to over the top banana-centric delights.

In honor of National Banana Bread Day, the fruit brand is celebrating with some of its favorite banana bread recipes and introducing a new offering. For the first time, Dole will share a Banana Bread Cake Pops.

Although many people might have thought that Banana Bread Cake Pops were already a “thing,” the idea resonates with families. Eating food on a stick is fun. Banana bread is a great way to eat some extra fruit, And, the substitute from another sugary cake pop might be a good balanced eating compromise.

While the new recipe has yet to be revealed, several other banana bread inspired recipes are available via the Dole website. Although the traditional, Classic Dole Banana Bread recipe has stood the test of time, other options showcase how bananas work well with other ingredients.

For example, the Banana Pecan Monkey Bread is fun treat. The interactive nature of being able to pull that perfect bite makes the kids happy to be able to play with their food. Also, the pecans add a slight crunch to keep the bite interesting.

In addition, Dole has ways to keep that banana bread from going to waste. There is nothing worse than transforming the ripe bananas into a treat and having leftover bread that hits the bin.

The Stuffed Banana Bread French Toast is a decadent dish. A great idea for a lavish brunch, this dish would be delightful with a mimosa or a sparkling mocktail.

While Dole’s recipe uses a specific cheese, the stuffing can be swapped for other options. For example, a little chocolate mascarpone from the Crave Brothers in Wisconsin could turn this dish into the ultimate indulgence. With some chopped walnuts as a topping, it would get wows from everyone at the table.

Banana bread is a recipe staple, but it can be more than just another plain slice. Ready to peel a little culinary creativity?