Below Deck’s Chef Anthony Iracane brings culinary artistry to every plate, interview

Chef Anthony Iracane from Below Deck
Chef Anthony Iracane from Below Deck / Bravo

While the galley might have limited space and the guests might have demanding preferences. Below Deck’s Chef Anthony Iracane does not allow certain parameters to stifle this culinary artistry. The talented French chef is always willing to push guests to explore flavors and ingredients.

Fans of Bravo’s Below Deck series appreciate that the galley is often the place where the drama gets spicy. Similar to the idea that the kitchen is the gathering spot of any party, the Below Deck chefs are the connector between crew and guests. Whether or not the tips are at the mercy of delicious meals can be debated. But, the chef tends to drive the flavor of the experience.

In this season of Bravo’s Below Deck, Chef Anthony Iracane joins the St. David crew as they welcome guests to Grenada. Although he is new to the Below Deck world, Chef Anthony has many years’ experience as a chef yacht. During a recent call while he was in Ft. Lauderdale, the French chef shared his thoughts on the charter season, how he creates menus on board, and what is next for his culinary career.

Even though the drama is often high on Below Deck, Chef Anthony mentioned that he chooses to “stay in his bubble.” By keeping his head down and not allowing himself to be dragged into the comments. He puts his focus back on his goal, cooking amazing food.

When asked about creating an impeccable guest dining experience, Chef Anthony said that he does consider the specifics on the preference sheet. But, it is more than just ensuring that their steak is cooked to their preferred doneness.

Chef Anthony said, “my goal is to have a unique tasting experience every night. I think that there is a great opportunity for them to try different kinds of food. Most of the time, I cook French or Mediterranean cuisine, because I am French and Italian.” While he is comfortable with that cuisine, he has traveled the world and often incorporates Asian, Spanish, and Latin flavors into his menus. He might walk a fine line of adhering to what the guests ask for and what they are willing to explore.

As a yacht chef, sourcing the best ingredients can be as difficult as working in a bustling galley. But, Chef Anthony has found ways to be creative with the hand that he is dealt. Whether it is making his own spice blends or adapting recipes to the ingredients available, he believes that his goal is to “always make something beautiful and accept the challenge. I am here to make the magic and I will do that.”

Although he is catering to a very specific clientele, one idea guides every decision he makes in the galley. Chef Anthony said, “I always think that I am cooking a meal for my family. I want the best for each and every guest and I put all my passion into each plate. My goal is to make people happy and create memories with my food.”

While he has a feeling that guides each and every meal, planning every idea is not as specific. Chef Anthony admitted that “sometimes I really do not know what I am doing, I do not have plans.” No matter what he does, he focuses on “cooking with love.”

Even if there is not necessarily a plan, everything comes together in the end. As he explained, “I see how everything comes together. It is like art. The color, the texture, the flavor, everything comes together to make this beautiful plate.”

That idea of cooking with love shows that being a chef is not just a job for Chef Anthony. The welcoming hospitality is one of the reasons why he is succeeding in the food world.

While the Below Deck season might be over, the South Florida based chef is excited to keep serving guests both on board and in future endeavors. He has started a food brand, Snacky Bae, which will include a Parisian food truck. As he mentioned, he has worked in the hospitality industry since he was 15 and strives to be as successful as he can. Through hard work, determination, and dedication, Chef Anthony will not fail.

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