Berry Pebbles brings its sweet, colorful flavor to the Pebbles cereal line-up

Berry Pebbles
Berry Pebbles / Pebbles

Ready to pick up the spoon and say yabba dabba do to a juicy Pebbles cereal flavor? Berry Pebbles is joining the Post cereal’s permanent line-up and it is time to rock that colorful, sweet flavor.

Pebbles cereal has been a mainstay for decades. While the cartoon characters smile back from the box, it is the flavors that have people feeling satisfied. From a rich chocolate to a fruity delight, the simple, sweet taste is an all-ages favorite.

Just in time for National Cereal Day, the Berry Pebbles is the latest flavor to delight cereal lovers. While the exact berry flavor is not specified, it feels like a combination of sweet with a hint of tart in every spoonful.

More importantly, the color captures the vibe. Rich hues of blue, red, and purple cereal rice crisps fill the bowl. This imagery is not that girlie pink color that has taken over the world. This idea feels bold, confident, and even a touch juicy.

In some ways, the box plays into that confidence factor. With the phrase, “women who rock,” the idea that powerful, confident women can embrace their colorful and sweet side is key. Whether it is cereal for dinner one night or a just indulging in a fun food, people do not have to take everything so seriously.

Thinking about the Berry Pebbles, it can be more than just food in a bowl. Since cereal has become a flavor enhancer in desserts, why not use the cereal to be a crumb on a cake. With spring holiday around the corner, colorful cakes and cupcakes could be the centerpiece of the table.

Berry Pebbles is available at various retailers now. Check with stores for pricing and availability.