Time to harness big grill energy with 5-hour Energy Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce

5-hour Energy Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce
5-hour Energy Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce / 5-hour Energy

A great meal can be the instant pick-me up to make any day feel better. With 5-hour Energy Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce, that big grill energy is ready to ignite a flavorful conversation around the table.

Condiments can start a spirited debate. Although there will always be a clear divide regarding ketchup on a hot dog, the reality is that some barbecue sauces just make a meal taste better. Smothering that dry brisket in sauce might not be the perfect solution, but it makes it at least edible.

With barbecue sauces, the flavor can go in all types of directions. Some options are smoky and others are sweet. In many cases, that spice or peppery note takes over. While the shelf might be crowded with choices, one idea had not been front and center. What about giving that sauce a little extra kick, caffeinated kick.

The 5-hour Energy Inspired Energizing BBQ Sauce has a little extra mixed into that peach and mango infused sauce. It contains 60 milligrams of caffeine. While no one is necessarily going to drink that BBQ sauce like a shot, it can bring a little extra buzz around the table.

As Jeff Sigouin, President and COO of Living Essentials, the makers of 5-hour Energy said, “From my own family cookouts, I know how exhausting BBQing can be. From grilling to hosting and all the fun lawn games that happen in between, it's often an all-day affair. As we continue to redefine what 5-hour ENERGY® is and can be, we're excited to be the first energy brand to offer hardworking BBQ aficionados what they really need — a caffeinated sauce to help stay focused and keep the party going."

To kick off this special launch, the brand partnered with Brian Baumgartner to showcase some creative food ideas using the BBQ sauce. While he might always be associated with chili, Baumgartner wrote Seriously Good Barbecue Cookbook. From pulled pork sliders to some ribs, the specialty condiment can be the secret ingredient to a tasty meal. He will be sharing come food recipes and other ideas using the special sauce via social channels.

Since July 4 is the number one grilling holiday, it is the perfect time to experiment with this new sauce. Given that mango and peach flavors are infused into the sauce, it seems like it would pair well with pork ribs or even some chicken. Truthfully, a grilled chicken with some tangy slaw and the sauce on a bun would be delicious.

For more information on how to get a bottle for yourself, head to 5hourenergy.com. All the details on how to score one of these limited time offering, free sauces can be found there.