Blake Lively’s Betty Booze impresses Daniel Boulud’s discerning palate

Blake Lively's Betty Booze partners with Daniel Boulud
Blake Lively's Betty Booze partners with Daniel Boulud / Betty Booze

Finding the perfect food and beverage pairing is more than just flavor harmony. As seen with this collaboration between Blake Lively’s Betty Booze and Daniel Boulud, that first sip evokes all types of emotions.

Many people have swooned over Betty Booze. The sparkling gourmet cocktails might be served in a can, but they deserve to be poured in the finest crystal. The nuanced flavors are as layered as a plate from a perfectly curated tasting menu. Each ingredient has a purpose, and they complement each other.

While many people continually grab that can of bubbly deliciousness, sometimes that sparkling delight is not available at a favorite restaurant, until now. Betty Booze has partnered with the iconic chef Daniel Boulud to offer both Betty Booze and Betty Buzz to his New York City establishments.

This partnership follows Betty Booze’s national distribution announcement. Now there is no excuse to sip flat, bland, and boring beverages.

For food and beverage lovers who want to experience a special pairing, Lively has curated a special menu item at Boulud’s JojiBox. Lively’s omakase box, Jōji Box by Betty B’ is paired with Sparkling Tequila with Lime Shiso.

The omakase box includes 16 pieces. Included items are: toro nigiri, two salmon nigiri, two yellowtail nigiri, one akami nigiri, one madai nigiri, half spicy tuna roll, half snow crab California roll, with edamame and one betty booze sparkling tequila with lime and shiso.

Since shiso often accompanies sushi or sashimi, the food and beverage pairing is clear. Often that citrusy shiso note helps to cut through the fattiness of a salmon or tuna. The sparkling cocktail should have a similar impact.

The special Jōji Box by Betty B is $55 and can be ordered online.

For those people not in New York City, consider enjoying a similar pairing at home. Why not order some sushi or sashimi from a favorite restaurant and experience the food and beverage pairing for yourself.