Blaze Pizza reimagines its chef driven menu with bold flavor combinations

Blaze Pizza debuts new "re-fired" menu items
Blaze Pizza debuts new "re-fired" menu items / Cristine Struble

From the moment a guest walks into a Blaze Pizza restaurant, the aroma of freshly baked pizza enhances the expectation. The fire transforms its signature dough into the crisp foundation for all the bold, creative, and delicious flavors. With its new re-fired menu, Blaze Pizza ignites a passion for chef-driven concepts while giving guests the food that they crave.

Over the recent months, many national restaurant brands have expanded their menu offerings. After too many years where favorite food options disappeared from the board, companies are changing their approach. Re-imagining concepts, adding flavors, and otherwise exciting the customer base is vital to keeping the tables full.

Blaze Pizza has always stood out within the fast causal restaurant space. While QSR delivery options might satisfy in a pinch, Blaze has strived to be unique, different, and chef-driven. Even though many people opt for that personalized pizza, curated menu items highlight the nuanced flavors that are far different from that 30 minute delivery option.

Recently, the food brand welcomed a new leadership team. Under their direction, the company focuses on what is their purpose, how do they connect with people, and why they need to highlight their unique concept. Even though a few new menu items adapt food trends, each one is seen through their “fast-fire’d” concept.

During a special media event, held at the Disney Spring Blazed Pizza location, the corporate team revealed the new Signature Pizza Collection. It was more than speeches touting the changes to get guests excited about each new offering. The passion, commitment, and dedication that the whole team has to bringing the best food to their guests makes the whole dining experience more satisfying.

Highlights from Blaze Pizza’s new Signature Pizza Collection

As many guests appreciate, a great Blaze Pizza starts with its signature dough. With that foundation, the flavors can develop. It is one of the reasons why Blaze can offer a wide range of toppings and combinations.

Looking at the new food offerings, they are divided into several categories. Signature pizzas have been given an upgrade, sweet and spicy drizzles bring the flavor, salads get a new twist, and a dessert bread joins the menu. If that list sounds like a lot, think about how much food was eaten during the course of a single evening.

During the special event, the Blaze Pizza team served all the new menu items and a few additional options that will be coming to the menu. While each one had its unique flavor profiles and will find a core audience, a few choices deserve to be on the first order list.

Pizza Shop Chopped Salad from Blaze Pizza
Pizza Shop Chopped Salad from Blaze Pizza / Cristine Struble

Although the restaurant brand features pizzas, their approach to their salads is a game changer. Mom might have told everyone to eat those leafy greens, but it felt more like a chore than a want. With the Pizza Shop Chop Salad, the garden’s bounty will take center stage on that table.

The key to this salad is that it is served on the dough. While it is not a pizza, the dough is in lieu of a crouton. The greens are piled high and topped with mushrooms, red onions, black olives, banana peppers and cheese. Drizzled with Blaze Goddess Dressing, the flavor is zesty. No one will scoff at eating salad before enjoying a slice of pizza.

With the reimagined pizzas, the slice holds a bounty of toppings. For example, the carnivore pizza is a meat lover’s dream come true. Plus, the balsamic drizzle helps to cut through the richness of the meatballs, ham, and pepperoni.

For pizza lovers who want a non-traditional option, the new BBQ Chicken takes a unique approach to the classic flavor. Joining the chicken on the pizza are pickled jalapenos, which offer a tangy spice that awakens the palate without overpowering it. Plus, the touch of ranch tames any overpowering spiciness.

Since a sweet ending to the meal is always a good option, Blaze Pizza revealed its new Cinnamon Bread. It is the first time that the restaurant brand used its signature dough for a dessert.

Blaze Pizza Cinnamon Bread
Blaze Pizza Cinnamon Bread / Cristine Struble

This concept is extremely smart for the company and its menu. It takes an ingredient that is part of every menu item and adapts it in another way.

More importantly, the warm, sweet dessert is delicious. Instead of a guest fighting over the last brownie in a case, a hot, fresh dessert is available anytime.

Blaze Pizza takes on a flavorful food trend.

With the “swicy” concept seasoning many food menu items, Blaze Pizza offers their unique approach to the concept. The brand’s “unique drizzle” can be added to any pizza. The finishing touch amplifies every slice.

Available in two options, Hot Chili Oil Drizzle and Sweet Hot Honey Drizzle, the two flavors work on almost any pizza on the menu or one that a guest personally creates. To be clear, the drizzles are not for the spice adverse, but they will not have people running for a glass of milk.

Personally, the Hot Chili Oil works great on the cheese bread. Since the Calabrian Chilis bring the spice, it brings some smoky depth to the simple dish. This drizzle is also great on the meatball pizza.

The Sweet Hot Honey is perfect with a classic pepperoni pizza. As the honey nestles into the middle of the pepperoni, it brings a new dimension to that meaty flavor.

Overall, the new Blaze Pizza menu items will become a huge hit. Whether guests order a few or one at a time, there are plenty of reasons to visit the restaurant time and again.

These new food items as well as other options are starting to hit menus now. Some items will be available later this summer. Check with restaurants for availability and pricing.