Here’s how to get a huge bottle of Jimmy John’s fan favorite sauce

Jimmy John's Kickin' Ranch
Jimmy John's Kickin' Ranch / Jimmy John's

For many people, sandwich condiments are essential to that perfectly flavorful bite. Kickin’ Ranch goes with almost everything on the menu. For the first time ever,  the Jimmy John’s fan favorite sauce will be available in a bottle. But, there is a catch. Ready to stock up on that irresistible delicious condiment before it is gone?  

Whether it is a secret sauce, specialty offering, or just something unique to a restaurant, people can be obsessed with that particular food. It is more than just a single use scenario. People want to drizzle, dollop, or otherwise drown their food order in that deliciousness.  

At Jimmy John’s, the brand’s Kickin’ Ranch is that sauce. Although many people would happily purchase a case of that favorite tangy offering, it has not been available in a bottle. For a few lucky people, a Big Ass Bottle of Jimmy John’s house-made Kickin’ Ranch can be theirs. 

While this special offering is packed with excitement, there is a huge catch. Kickin’ Ranch is being removed from the menu. These special bottles are set to be the end of an era. The beloved zesty condiment is leaving, forever.  

For those people who are obsessed with Kickin’ Ranch, they need to act quickly. 100 specially numbered bottles of the deliciously creamy sauce are available via There are only 100 bottles available which are priced at $0.01 plus shipping. After 24 hours, the bottles will be gone.  

Hopefully, the lucky few who obtain these gigantic bottles will share how they use the last drops and spreads of the Kickin’ Ranch. Maybe it will be an epic sandwich party or a special song to celebrate the deliciousness. As long as no one goes too extreme, like bathing in the ranch, it will all be in good fun.  

For those who do not get one of the coveted 100 bottles, Kickin’ Ranch will be on Jimmy John’s menu until January 22. After that, the flavor will fade into memory and the craving will begin.   

Even though there is Jalapeno Ranch available, it might not be the same for some people. Still, the new condiment is worth a try.  

Will the Kickin’ Ranch ever come back? Expect fan reaction to be swift. Maybe a petition will be on the horizon or a freaky fast food hack to mimic that flavor. Only time will tell.