Brugal Maestro Reserva is a luxurious rum rooted in tradition and craft

Brugal Maestro Reserva Rum
Brugal Maestro Reserva Rum / Brugal

While the stunning Dominican beaches might offer picture perfect escapism, Brugal rum is a celebration of the culture, tradition, and craft of the distiller’s 135 year history. With the release of the Maestro Reserva, the elegant sipping rum deserves an extra moment to contemplate its complexities.

Although some people associate rum with a light, vivacious tropical cocktail, the classic spirit can be much more than a component in that hurricane glass. A sipping rum has the character and complexity similar to a great bourbon or aged whiskey.

Brugal has been a honing its craft through multiple generations. While each generation adds a layer to the story, the liquor brand is known for its unique cask toasting technique. The “Dark Aromatic Toasting” makes this Dominican rum unlike other offerings on the shelf.

In a recent company announcement, the liquor brand has added Maestro Reserva to its permanent line. Lead by fifth-generation Maestra Ronera, Jassil Villanueva Quintana, the sophisticated sipping rum is highlights the Dark Aromatic Toasting while adding rounder notes to allow for a full sensorial experience.

As Jassil Villanueva Quintana stated, "My family deeply embraces the elegance and soul of Brugal rum, and I've absorbed a wealth of wisdom from the generations of Maestro Roneros who came before me,/ By leveraging this knowledge and my unwavering passion, all while paying homage to the Brugal family legacy, I've crafted a rum that is 'moment perfect.' My hope is that Maestro Reserva graces all of life’s big celebrations, alongside cherished ones, forging moments that will endure for centuries to come.”

Created to be sipped neat or served over ice, Brugal’s inherent creaminess and caramel sweetness from the sherry casks is clear. While those notes are never overshadowed, it is the nuances that come through in this Maestro Reserva.

Specifically, the aroma initiates the sipping experience. At first, the oak is apparent but it gives way to a little smoke quality. When combined with a red fruit and sweet honey, there is an enticing quality. It blends the familiar with something that calls to be explored.

On the palate, the sweetness and velvety texture from the caramel is clear. Even though a touch of orange peel adds some zesty qualities, it is the sweeter flavors that are abundant. Never cloying, the flavors are rounded yet quite appealing.

Whether enjoyed at the end of a spectacular meal with spirited conversation or enjoyed all on its own without interruption, the rum is one that should be enjoyed slowly. Holding the heavy glass in hand, allow each layer to unfold. In a way, as each note reveals itself, it feels like how the waves crash on the shore, leave, and return to offer a new element to discover.

Overall, the Maestro Reserva has been created to be a celebratory or special occasion bottle. While many people might happily drink this higher end bottle whenever the mood strikes, it is not intended to be that every day sipper.

More importantly, this particular Brugal rum can lure fans of other brown liquors away from their traditional pours. Instead of another peaty scotch or an overworked whiskey, the approachable rum could open a new conversation. It still has the flavor depth but it does not feel as pretentious as some other spirit offerings.

The Brugal Maestro Reserva retails for $200 a bottle. It has a limited release, but it is part of the spirit brand’s permanent line.