Cadbury evolves its annual Bunny Tryouts into a bracket showdown

2024 Cadbury Bunny bracket competition
2024 Cadbury Bunny bracket competition / Hershey's

From furry friends to a hopping frog, many different animals have donned those infamous Cadbury Bunny ears. This year’s Bunny Tryouts get a new twist and everyone will want to keep their favorites in the competition.

March, as a month, has many sayings and events attached to it. From comments about marching in like a lion to the madness associated with basketball brackets, it seems that crowning a champion is part of the month’s tradition. This year, the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are taking a new approach to picking its winner. Welcome to the latest bracket showdown.

According to the food brand, this year’s competition will be a bracket style showdown. Everyone can submit their beloved pet for a chance to become the bunny supreme. Unlike previous years where the public voted from the top finalists, this year’s top 32 submissions will face-off in an elimination style bracket until one winner is crowned.

As Natalie Shuntich, senior associate marketing manager at The Hershey Company said, "The spring season is a special time for our Cadbury team, but the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts are perhaps the best part of all. The annual competition has evolved into a moment that fans eagerly await each year, and it is an honor to engage with both Cadbury and pet lovers alike, year after year, making them a central part of our brand."

All the information can be found on the
Cadbury Instagram page. The voting begins on March 11 and runs through March 23. Votes will be tabulated during 24-hour periods. Winners move into the subsequent round till a winner is determined.

The rounds are as follows:

Round of Thirty-Cute – Voting opens on March 11

Crème Sixteen – Voting opens on March 13

A Litter of Eight – Voting opens on March 18

Final Fur – Voting opens on March 20

Final Vote – Voting opens on March 22

Could this new bracket style voting cause some heated debate in the candy world? It is possible. Food bracket competitions can get quite heated. From favorite cookies to best snacks, everyone wants their favorite to win. The same will be true in this springtime competition.

Be sure to visit the Cadbury Instagram page on March 25 to see which “bunny” will wear the ears in this year’s campaign. Will that animal be furry, slimy, or even ginormous? It remains to be seen.