Café Bustelo Espresso pours a taste of the familiar just with a colder temperature

Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee
Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee / Cafe Bustelo

While the Greca slowly brews that flavorful coffee, Café Bustelo expands its line to embrace the colder side of coffee. Even though the temperature is different, the new Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee delivers the taste that people expect from the celebrated coffee brand.

Although coffee trends often influence what some drinkers sip from the mug, others prefer to stay true to their favorite brew. Regardless of whether there is a splash of cream or a heaping spoonful of sugar, it is the same rich, robust classic coffee that is always percolating.

Café Bustelo has and always will stay true to its Latin roots. The espresso style roast is the beverage to start the day or the final sip enjoyed during that sobre mesa. No matter the occasion, the coffee always delivers sublime flavor.

While people are happy to brew that roast, the brand understands that it cannot become stale in the beverage market. With its new Espresso Style Iced Coffee, the company captures consumers’ preferences for chilled coffee yet never compromises on its signature flavor and style.

According to Eduardo S. Merino, Senior Brand Manager of Café Bustelo, “this new product intentionally combines our nearly century-long mastery of coffee with a cold and refreshing taste for an iced coffee that is brand-new, but somehow feels completely familiar to our Café Bustelo family ¡Salud.”

To be clear, this coffee offering is not a cold brew. The brand carefully created an iced coffee that maintains the same characteristics and essence of the ground product. When asked, a company spokesperson clarified that the liquid coffee will have the taste, consistency, body, and aroma of the classic brewed version.

Most importantly, this liquid version was created to ensure that the flavor stands up to being served over ice, or with milk and sugar. Basically, it offers consumers a convenient pour that captures what they love about the original.

The new iced coffee beverage comes in three flavors, Unsweetened, Sweetened, and Vainilla. While each version can be enjoyed on its own, with milk, cream, or sugar, it can easily be transformed beyond those simple servings.

For example, Vainilla has a hint of cherry with the warm, rounded vanilla flavor. That slight fruitiness can play well into a cocktail or even a coffee spritz. A simple splash of tonic turns the drink into a light sip, which is perfect on a warm afternoon. For the espresso martini fan, the addition of some reposado tequila and a hint of agave would make for a lovely after dinner drink.

Overall, the new iced beverage option allows the Café Bustelo’s dark roast to become an anytime, anywhere option. The classic coffee might be rooted in tradition, but it is never in a flavor rut.

The Café Bustelo Espresso Style Iced Coffee can be at Target and will be available at Walmart and Kroger. It is sold in 40-ounce bottles and can be found in the ready-to-drink coffee section.