Celebrate award season with the vibrant Campari Red Carpet cocktail

Campari Red Carpet Cocktail
Campari Red Carpet Cocktail / Campari

As the celebrities walk the red carpet for the SAG Awards, everyone can toast the spectacular performances and stunning looks with the Campari Red Carpet cocktail. This libation is vibrant in both color and flavor.

Campari continues to have a moment. Although the Italian red bitter is a classic, more people have discovered the distinctive flavor thanks to the popularity of the spritz and the negroni. While the brand might reference the “red passion,” it is more than just a fiery nod to the emblazoned color. The flavor can spark a moment of creativity behind the bar.

As the Official Spirits Sponsor of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the red bitter aperitivo is basking in the spotlight for awards season. Even though people may hope for a wave of pink to take home awards, the night will be toasted with a vermillion hue.

For those who want a taste of the specialty cocktail that the celebrities will be sipping, Campari has graciously shared its Campari Red Carpet recipe. Here’s how to make one for your special night.

Campari Red Carpet


0.5 Campari

1 oz Appleton Signature

0.5 oz Lime

0.5 Raspberry-Mint

Top with Champagne Lallier Rose


Combine Campari, Appleton Signature, raspberry and mint syrup and lime juice in a shaker filled with ice

Strain into a coupe glass

Top with Champagne Lallier Rose

Garnish with film reel orange peel

While the film reel orange peel is an elegant touch, a regular orange peel works, too. Similar to the celebrities walking the red carpet, few people have a team of experts perfecting that look.

The interesting part of this cocktail is pairing the Campari with raspberry and mint. The sweet and bright flavors contrast the slightly bitter, earthy notes of the aperitivo. Overall, this sipper hits all the flavor notes. In addition, it is light, refreshing and a little vivacious. Perfect for the long awards night.

Whether it is Barbienheimer night or a big surprise on the stage, the Campari Red Carpet is a great cocktail to toast whatever might happen.