Carla Hall uncovers food culture curiosity on MAX’s Chasing Flavor

Carla Hall Chasing Flavor on MAX
Carla Hall Chasing Flavor on MAX / MAX

When Carla Hall welcomes people to the table, the food, conversation, and celebration are an experience that should not be missed. On her new MAX food television show Chasing Flavor, the celebrated chef opens a new chapter in a flavorful story that unites everyone.  

Over the years, viewers have welcomed Carla Hall into their homes. From her first appearances on Top Chef to daily dishes on The Chew to her recent appearances on Food Network, the vivacious, talented chef always makes people feel welcome. She feels like the old friend that you cannot wait to see whenever she comes to town.  

On her new MAX show, Chasing Flavor, Hall grabs her passport to discover how global cuisines have influenced American staples. While her journeys are both near and far, the idea is to find the connections across those miles.  

As Hall said, “Chasing Flavor brings together so many of the things I am passionate about. It’s about food, and family, and sharing stories and history and travel. And more importantly, giving credit to the cultures that had a hand in a particular dish. I’m really proud of this show. Everyone involved in making it, myself included, put their heart and souls into it. It was a wonderful adventure, and I can’t wait for others to share it.” 

The six half-hour episodes are quite diverse. She travels to Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Turkey and other locations. While each one is quite unique, the similarities are even more important.  

Appreciating the history behind the food on the plate has many people discovering flavor nuances that previously might not have been front of mind. Without those initial offerings, today’s food creativity might not be as diverse.  

While much can be said about the “American melting pot,” that bounty of flavor ensures that people find the connections. Although the diversity should never been discounted, finding the unifying factor can lead people to better appreciate each culture’s food perspective. It might not necessarily change their favorite dish, but it might make them consider going to a new restaurant, take a trip, or just add a spice to a classic recipe.  

The new Carla Hall MAX show Chasing Flavor debuts on February 1. More information on the upcoming food television series can be found online.