Cheez-It Extra Crunchy is the ultimate multi-sensory snack food experience

Cheez-It Extra Crunchy
Cheez-It Extra Crunchy / Kellanova

Snack food should be an eating experience. With the new Cheez-It Extra Crunchy, the new flavor is paired with a bold, crisp texture that has everyone taking notice.  

With a bowl, bag, or box in hand, mindless eating bite after bite can be easy. It becomes routine, automatic, almost without thought. But, when that loud bite interrupts the process, it can have people take a pause, think, and enjoy that food even more.  

Although the snack food shelf is crowded with options, some people prefer to stay with brands that they know and love. Even though there is a craving for something new or innovative, the familiar is comforting. Cheez-It is playing into that sentiment by making a loud statement with its latest entry.  

The Cheez-It Extra Crunchy not only brings a bolder flavor, but it amplifies the crunchy texture. No one will be sneaking this snack from the pantry without getting caught.  

As Cara Tragseiler, Senior Brand Director for Cheez-It said, "Our fans trust us to deliver a classically crunchy taste with all of our crackers, but we wanted to turn up the volume with Cheez-It Extra Crunchy. With a generous sprinkle of seasoning and a multisensory crunch, these two new products will deliver on fan demand for an even louder, flavorful way to snack on their favorite crackers." 

The Cheez-It Extra Crunchy is available in two flavors, Cheez-It Extra Crunchy Bold Cheddar and Cheez-It Snap'd Extra Crunchy Sharp White Cheddar. It is smart that the snack food brand brought the extra crunchy texture its classic cracker. Many people will try this option because it feels familiar.  

While many people eat Cheez-Its on their own, it will be interesting to see how the snack works in a mix. The contrast to some peanuts, popcorn, or even a softer pretzel could a lovely combination.  

Or, given the extra crunch, it might be a new addition to a cheese board. Instead of the bland water cracker or bread stick, the Cheez-Its could ensure that the cheesy experience is front and center.  

With the Cheez-It Snap’d Extra Crunchy Sharp White Cheddar, that flavor might highlight the uniqueness of the white cheddar flavor even more. Although the thin texture has always been crunchy, the enhanced texture should make the flavor even more predominant.  

The new Cheez-It Extra Crunchy snacks are rolling out into stores this month. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.