Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages break up the winter doldrums

Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages
Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages / Chick-fil-A

From snowy winter storms to dreary days stuck inside, everyone is looking to bring a little brightness to their day. The Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages are just that pick-me up. It might not guarantee a warm breeze at your back, but it will be a burst of tropical flavors.  

When Chick-fil-A rolls out its limited time beverages, many people are excited to get that first sip. Although there is always a place for the iconic lemonade, variety can change the experience. Those pickles on that chicken sandwich just hit a little differently when paired with a different beverage.  

Previously, Chick-fil-A tested the mango passion flavor. The combination of two tropical fruits was well-received.

As Allison Duncan, Director, Menu and Packaging said, “Customers loved the Mango Passion flavor when it was on our menu in 2020, so we are thrilled to bring it back with even more flavor offerings for guests to enjoy. We’re seeing a growing demand for cold and iced beverages from consumers throughout the year, with recent enthusiasm for our Watermelon Mint and White Peach beverages, as well as our new Peppermint beverages this winter. We’re excited to surprise guests with bright new flavors that will redefine our seasonal beverages!” 

What are the new Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages?  

Launching on January 8, the new Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages are Mango Passion Lemonade, Mango Passion Iced Tea, and Mango Passion Frosted Lemonade as well as returning Mango Passion Sunjoy. Adding the flavor across the Chick-fil-A beverage options is a smart choice for the quick service restaurant. It ensures that all guests can enjoy the limited time flavor no matter their preference.  

Looking at the new beverages, the Mango Passion Frosted Lemonade might be the most exciting option of the three. With a simple twist, the Frosted Lemonade has a multitude of possibilities. Any seasonal lemonade offering can join the frozen option. Whether it is the guest who enjoys this option with their meal, as a dessert, or as an anytime treat, it is another food and beverage driver to bring guests to the restaurant.  

With the mango passion combination, it a flavor that works well with the Chick-fil-A food menu. Although the brand recommended pairing the tropical fruit combination with a spicy sandwich, it works equally as well with the grilled chicken varieties. It feels like a summer barbecue without the effort.  

The Chick-fil-A mango passion beverages hit restaurants on January 8. It is unclear how long they will remain on the menu. Check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.