Chipotle gives superfans what they have been craving, access to the Celebrity Card

Chipotle Celebrity Card
Chipotle Celebrity Card / Chipotle

The iconic phrase, membership has its privileges, is more than empty words for the Chipotle Celebrity Card holder. After much begging, pleading, and cajoling, superfans have an opportunity to become part of the club. But, do you have what it takes to become part of that select group?

While many restaurants have reward programs and people earn points towards that special status, there are some levels that cannot be purchased. Restaurant royalty is often a title bestowed on someone special.

At Chipotle, the Celebrity Card is that coveted token of a small elite group. For the past 20 years, it has been given to superfans who are athletes, artists, musicians, or influencers. These select people do not have to worry about guac being extra or their favorite order disappearing from the menu. The red carpet is always rolled out for their order.

While celebrities often get special perks, the regular superfan deserves a moment in the spotlight, too. That person who cannot get through a week without their favorite burrito or created the ultimate bowl food hack should get some recognition. Now, they can prove their worth to the Chipotle elite.

Via LinkedIn, people can apply for the opportunity to become part of the Celebrity Card group. Of course, this “application” is not the standard resume and cover letter. Superfans should showcase their love, obsession, or otherwise provide that they live and breathe Chipotle.

According to Chris Brandt, Chief Brand Officer at Chipotle, “There’s always been a special mystique around the Chipotle Celebrity Card. Given that the word 'celebrity' comes from 'celebrate,' we realized there is no group more deserving of a celebration than our everyday superfans. We are expanding on what it means to be a Chipotle celebrity and relaunching the program to deepen our connections with our most devoted guests."

To be clear, the special card does have a lot of value associated with it. According to the restaurant brand, “Celebrity Card holders have access to one free Chipotle meal per day including chips, a side and drink for one year, plus one catering order for up to 50 people during the year.” Given that free food offer has a lot of value, the application better stand out.

Who will be the new Chipotle Celebrity Card holder? Only time will tell who earned this place of privilege.