Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt change people’s perspective on dessert

Chobani Creations Apple Pie flavor
Chobani Creations Apple Pie flavor / Chobani

For some people yogurt is a food that starts their day, is blended into a smoothie, or is a simple snack. While there are many options in the refrigerator, dessert is not necessarily the first thought that comes to mind. With the new Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt, the flavors mimic favorite desserts. Balanced indulgence never tasted so good.  

Whether it is a conscious decision to cut back on certain food choices or preferring lighter options, the desire to enjoy a treat evolves yet never fades. Food brands need to adapt to those preferences.  

By launching Chobani Creations Greek Yogurt, the food brand captures that sentiment. With flavors that are typically a highly caloric, rich dessert, people can satisfy that craving without tipping the scales in a negative way.  

As Niel Sandfort, Chief Innovation Officer at Chobani said, "By pairing our natural, nutrient-dense Greek Yogurt with dessert-inspired flavors, we're stretching yogurt beyond the breakfast occasion. These flavor profiles, whether they be nostalgic like orange cream pop or decadent like mocha tiramisu, hit the spot in terms of food memory, sensory, and satisfaction. With Chobani Creations, we're giving consumers a permissible, indulgent moment." 

What are the new Chobani Creations flavors?  

The new Chobani Creations come in six flavors, Mocha Tiramisu, Apple Pie a la Mode, Cherry Cheesecake, Orange Cream Pop, Banana Foster, and Caramel Sundae. Looking at the list, the dessert flavors are classic and have a wide-reaching appeal. Balancing fruit option with richer, sweet flavors, it seems that the variety ensures that everyone is included.  

Looking at the flavors, the Mocha Tiramisu would be highly successful. The creamier texture of the Greek Yogurt would play well with the coffee and chocolate flavors. Even though it does not have the lady finger textural component, it has a similar consistency to the dessert. And, a few cookie crumbles on top might be a nice addition.  

In a similar idea, the Apple Pie a la Mode is even more satisfying with fresh apples and a little granola on top. While there are apple chunks in the container, a little extra fruit is always a good idea.  

While each of these Greek Yogurt options are tasty on their own, they are even more satisfying when paired with some additional ingredients. A little nuts, crumble, or other textural component makes them feel a little more like a real dessert and adds to the eating satisfaction.

The Chobani Creations are available in stores now. The suggested retail price is $1.79 per 5.3 oz cup, but prices may vary depending on retailer.