Christina Miros said Next Level Chef final dish showed her versatility, interview

Christina Miros Next Level Chef Season 3
Christina Miros Next Level Chef Season 3 / FOX

As the last home cook in the Next Level Chef Season 3 competition, Christina Miros was a huge fan favorite. Although the title slipped from her grasp, her finale meal proved that she is no longer a home cook, and she earned her position as chef.

A member of Team Arrington and earning her mentor’s coveted immunity pin, Christina proved that home cooks can stand side by side with professionals in this FOX culinary competition. Even if she may not be as familiar with certain proteins or kitchen appliances, her attention to detail, thoughtful approach, and passion for food earned her high praise from the judges.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Christina shared some insight regarding her experience on Next Level Chef Season 3. As seen throughout the season, Christina wore her heart on her sleeve. From joyous highs to struggle moments, she captured how food impacts people. It is more than just simple sustenance. Who, how, and why that food is made impacts the whole experience.

Christina admitted, “I feel like I struggled more than I anticipated. I had a hard time trying to figure out how to put my most authentic self on the plate every time. In retrospect, I feel like I was trying to do something that I thought that the judges wanted or thought that they would praise.”

Christina Miros Next Level Chef Season 3 finale
Christina Miros in the Next Level Chef Season 3 finale / FOX

By the time she reached the finale, Christina seemed to find not only her voice but also her culinary point of view. Speaking about her final three course meal, Christina said, “I did not want to play it safe. It is Next Level Chef for a reason. I wanted to show that I am versatile. No matter what was thrown in my direction, I would make something great.”

“When it came down to my two choices of pork or venison, I wanted to go with venison. I had never eaten venison before let alone cooked with it. I was hoping that the risk would pay off.”

That venison dish earned high praise from the judges. Christina believes that dish captures her culinary point of view. “I like my food to be beautiful, to have varying textures and flavors. I was able to accomplish that with my final plate, but I wish that I could have done that throughout the whole competition.”  

When Next Level Chef Season 3 began, Nyesha Arrington saw her potential. Earning the Immunity Pin for Team Arrington, it gave Christina a little wiggle room. Still, there was a mental game that influenced her choices.

Christina explained, “that first cook I went off my instinct and I did really well. After that, I started to overthink everything and veered away from who I am. I was trying to achieve unrealistic perfection. In the back of my mind, I feared the elimination and I was cooking in fear.”

“Once I finally faced elimination, my first and only one thankfully, I felt that I had nothing else to fear. I faced the biggest moment and I got through it. That is when you will notice that my cooks got better.”

While she gained momentum during the competition, Christina was never afraid to showcase her emotions. She said, “I have a big heart. That is who I am and I would never want to change that.”

“It was not the pressure of the competition but the pressure that I put on myself. That pressure to expect perfection, when perfection is not realistic, is what made me have some slip ups along the way.”

That notion of striving for perfection is a concept that relates Christina to fellow moms. As seen on the Next Level Chef finale, her bond with her daughter and her family is special. Although it was hard to take this particular cooking competition opportunity, it was an important choice not only for herself, but also it was a message for her daughter. In some ways, it stands as a reminder for anyone, not just moms, to never let their dreams and ambitions to be pushed into the shadows.

Christina said, “I think that some moms lose themselves when they start having families because that becomes your primary focus and priority. At this point in my life, I think that I can prioritize myself more. The effect of me prioritizing myself is going to trickle down to my daughter and she is going to see those positives. I want to show my daughter that it is never too late. I want to show her that you can reach for the stars.”

Christina Miros reached for the stars and achieved tremendous success on Next Level Chef Season 3. While she is currently working in the health care industry, she is rapidly expanding her social media presence and her culinary endeavors. As of right now, she is soaring amongst those stars that she sought.

Want to watch Christina’s rise to the Next Level Chef finale again? All episodes can be streamed on Hulu.