Ciao House Season Two uses its coastal city locale as inspiration

Ciao House Season Two
Ciao House Season Two / Food Network

After Food Network fans devoured the deliciousness of Tuscany, Ciao House Season Two takes a trip to the Italian coast. Puglia is the stunning backdrop, but this new group of chefs better impress Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini.

While Food Network has a plethora of cooking competitions, a few food television shows incorporate real life locales. Ciao House needs that Italian backdrop for the show to be successful. It is beyond the fact that the chefs live and compete in the same space. The location, ingredients, and experience flavor the creativity in each challenge.

For Ciao House Season Two, the chefs travel to Puglia. The stunning costal Italian locale showcases that Italian food is complex, nuanced, and varied. While each dish celebrates creativity, it needs to channel a heartfelt interpretation on the plate. The unique locale with its connection to food and nature will have people wanting to book that epic vacation.

Who is competing on Ciao House Season 2?

While the Italian Coast is a stunning vista, the chefs need to not let the ambiance distract them from the ultimate prize. Earning the title of Capo di Casa requires precise execution and a warm hospitality amongst the team.

This season’s chefs are: Ivan Barros (Los Angeles, California); Zev Bennett (Miami, Florida); Maria Bregatta (Burlington, Vermont); Austin Cobb (Playa Grande, Costa Rica); Devan Cunningham (Phoenix, Arizona); Tiana Gee (Los Angeles, California); Hanna Haar (Montauk, New York); Drew Keane (Chicago, Illinois); Shannon Odom (Haico, Texas); Jan Parker (Tacoma, Washington); Phuoc Vo (Tampa, Florida) and Stikxz Williams (Queens, New York).

Although it is impossible to predict a potential winner, the chefs are quite diverse. More importantly, it showcases how Italian food can bring all backgrounds together. Food is the common connector.

Looking at some of the upcoming challenges, it shows that this Food Network competition is more than impressing the judges with a perfectly executed dish. The chefs need to find a way to navigate between all the personalities.

Since the group will vote out chefs throughout the competition, personality conflicts cannot be allowed to simmer over. The water might be boiling for pasta, but nothing else should reach that heightened level.

Ready to take a trip to Puglia? Be sure to tune into Ciao House Season Two on Food Network. New episodes air Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET and can be streamed on MAX the following day.