Cinnabon turns Wednesday into a perfectly pink sweet celebration

Cinnabon Mean Girls collaboration
Cinnabon Mean Girls collaboration / Cinnabon

While it might not be October 3, Cinnabon is resolving to make January a sweet, colorful celebration. In honor of the new Means Girls movie being released, the tasty baked goods will be bathed in pink frosting. It is time to eat and let everyone be happy, all carb diet or not.  

According to Cinnabon, the Mean Girls collaboration is part of limited time, On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (Frosting) promotion. Classic, MiniBon, BoneBites, and Center of the Roll will be drizzled with pink frosting.  

The colorful baked goods will be available on Wednesdays from January 17 through February 7. They are available while supplies last, at participating stores.  

In addition, the specially designed Mean Girls x Cinnabon pink packs are available throughout the promotion. The boxes are for 4-count and 6-count Classic Roll CinnaPacks and 9-count and 15-count MiniBon CinnaPacks. The specialty boxes are available while supplies last, at participating locations.  

This Cinnabon offering is the latest in a long line of Mean Girls influenced food offerings. From coffee creamers to toaster pastries, the pink colored treats have filled the table. Whether or not the ideas hit the “fetch” level may not matter. There were, are, and will be plenty of people who will run to make that purchase.  

By leveraging the excitement over the new movie, Cinnabon invites a bigger audience to indulge in their delectable, delicious treats. The cinnamon rolls might not be the typical movie food, but they could be a treat before or after watching that show. Sure, the dessert might be the “apex predator” to a restrictive calorie approach, but it is a tasty treat.  

Whether it is for the connection to the movie, the colorful appearance, or just the love of all things pink, head to Cinnabon for a perfectly pink celebration. Whether or not an all pink wardrobe is worn to pink up that treat is a personal preference.