Classic Mac and Cheese gets a spicy, creamy upgrade with a new Carnation offering

Carnation Kickin' Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk
Carnation Kickin' Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk / Carnation

A great homemade, classic mac and cheese usually has a secret ingredient. While grandma’s love cannot be replicated, one of her classic ingredients can be used by everyone. With the new Carnation Kickin’ Jalapeno Flavored Evaporated Milk, the flavor flames are heating up a new conversation around the table.

While some people turn to the blue box, others prefer a made from scratch option. The difference can be tasted in that sauce. Whether it starts with a classic mother sauce or it is melted cheesy goodness, everyone has a preference how to make sure that every bite is creamy and delicious.

One classic ingredient that many home cooks use in their mac and cheese is evaporated milk. While that old-school option always delivers the luscious texture, it can lack bold flavor. Given that people’s flavor preferences are evolving, Carnation wanted to expand its line to give cooks a new option.

As Meghan Bhatia, senior manager of brand marketing at Carnation explained, “At Carnation, we've always known that the secret to making grandma's mac and cheese so rich and creamy is none other than our Carnation Evaporated Milk. Not only is evaporated milk grandma's favorite, but America's too, as mac and cheese is the number one usage occasion for evaporated milk. Now everyone from spicy superfans to mac and cheese connoisseurs could score a Mac it Better kit to take their homemade mac and cheese to the next level with the limited-edition Carnation Kickin' Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk." 

The limited-edition Carnation Kickin' Jalapeño Flavored Evaporated Milk is available in its limited-edition Mac it Better Kits. The kits drop online on three dates, June 25, July 9, and July 14, 2024. They are available while supplies last.

Although many people turn to evaporated milk for desserts, this spicy option showcases its savory applications. From adding depth to a soup to being the foundation for a sauce, there are plenty of recipe ideas.

Personally, this spicy option would be a great choice for a creamy sauce for an enchilada or even a sauce component for a chicken dish. Or, thin the condensed milk out a little, add some additional seasoning, and use it on corn for the foundation of an elote.

This special Carnation might be a limited time deal, but there are plenty of cooks who would happily buy it all year long. Only time will tell if this food item could find its way to store shelves.