Claussen partners with Baked by Melissa for its first ever pickle dessert

Claussen and Baked by Melissa bite-sized pickle cupcakes
Claussen and Baked by Melissa bite-sized pickle cupcakes / Claussen

Pickles are more than just a spear served beside that sandwich. It is time to enjoy a pickle dessert thanks to a Claussen and Baked by Melissa collaboration.

From snacks to drinks to candy, pickles are everywhere. People can debate whether or not pickle cotton candy should be a thing. Some people still thirst for that pickle slushie. From snacks to condiments to even that sparkling wine cocktail, there is no shortage of pickle-flavored food.

With 73% of American hungry for more pickle flavors, Claussen turned to Baked by Melissa to create its first ever pickle dessert. As Caroline Sheehey, Brand Manager for Claussen Pickles said, “We’re excited to keep our pickle momentum going this summer with our first-ever dessert. Pickle is such a universal flavor, so we are constantly working to find new and unique ways to bring Claussen’s signature taste to many different beloved occasions. These cupcakes will be the perfect unexpected twist for pickle fanatics everywhere.”

According to the brands, the mini cupcakes blend the classic Baked by Melissa vanilla cake with Claussen pickles. The flavor captures sweet, salty, and sour. From the pickle buttercream to the pickle-infused cake, it is a briny delight that will get people talking.

Given that the pickle dessert is a bite-sized treat, the small size is key. Many people might not want that gigantic cupcake. But, a little taste will be the most talked about food at the summer gathering.

And, if that pickle flavor is a little too much for some people. Consider serving those bite-sized cupcakes with some vanilla ice cream. It will tame the flavor and it might become the new food trend, too. Pickle, cake, and ice cream could be the next collaboration.

The Baked by Melissa x Claussen Pickle Cupcake is available now. The cupcakes are sold in 6 and 25 packs. More information can be found online.