Coffee mate drops its first summer flavor and it is a juicy, sweet burst of sunshine

Coffee mate Orange Cream Pop flavored Duo
Coffee mate Orange Cream Pop flavored Duo / Coffee mate

While some people never stray from that plain cup of joe, others prefer a pour of their favorite coffee creamer in that mug. With the new Coffee mate Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer, that nostalgic flavor trend is summertime perfection.

For people who like a splash, or more, of creamer in the coffee, the options are quite varied. From the tried and true French vanilla to special collaborations with favorite food brands, there are no shortage of options to choose.

Although fall and winter flavors seem to have tremendous varieties, summer flavors seem to be overlooked. Luckily, Coffee mate is righting that wrong with the new Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer.

According to Leonardo Aizpuru, Nestlé Vice President of Brand Marketing for the Beverage Division and Business Unit, “When it comes to pushing boundaries and turning trending flavors into delicious and crave-worthy creamers, our fans know that only Coffee mate can consistently deliver on taste innovations that elevate the everyday coffee experience, any time of year. This limited-edition creamer is inspired by childhood summers – with every sip, the sweet and citrusy flavor of our Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer will evoke nostalgic memories of ice cream trucks and hot summer days.”

Creamsicle is a classic summer flavor. The sweetness from the vanilla with the zesty citrus notes is refreshing on a hot day. It is simple yet quite satisfying.

Infusing this flavor into a coffee creamer is quite interesting. While some people have touted the trend of orange juice and coffee, it never quite became that “it” moment. By adding some sweetness with the citrus, it becomes more approachable.

Additionally, many coffees have a fruit note. Combing the fruit in the creamer can enhance that underlying flavor.

Lastly, the new Coffee mate flavor is part of the brand’s “Duos” line. While the previous releases, Vanilla Caramel and Cinnamon Vanilla Crème, are more traditional, there is something to be said about combination flavors. Whether it is reaching a bigger audience or adding some excitement to the creamer conversation, it is beneficial for brands to embrace these new pairings.

The limited time flavor will have two drops, on July 12 and July 22. Limit one bottle per household. For more information on availability and purchasing, please visit

What could be next for the Duos line? Only time will tell, but fall will be here in a hurry. Maybe there is a chocolate pumpkin spice option in the future.